Cristiano Ronaldo Angers The God Of Football

Chris Wright

11th, March 2011


By Chris Wright

‘Tis one of those whimsical viral malarkys for you’re Friday afternoon viewing pleasure…

Have a good weekend peeps.

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  1. bigdutch says:

    Haha that’s jokes

  2. mark says:

    who ever made this had the purpose of showing that messi is better but i say he inadvertently made more female fans of cr7 but side by side comparison pics.

  3. chicken litlle says:

    I know the person who made this was aiming for the messi is better than ronaldo idea but he inadvertently just made cr7 a heck more female fans by showing side by side comparison pics.

  4. donald says:

    I know the guy meant to make the point of messi being better than ronaldo but he inadvertently made cr7 a heck more female fans with the side by side comparison pics of him and messy.

  5. donald says:

    why keep deleting my comments. don’t want people to see the obvisous that messi is a “butterface” while ronaldo even gets barca fans wifes and girlfriends ovaries to explode.

  6. bluesword says:

    whimsical indeed chris haha did you make this? had a good laugh!

  7. Nick says:

    It’s better if the middle picture is Luke Chambers.

  8. Jay says:


  9. Pete says:

    You’re equals you are. Ronaldo is a diving bitch.

  10. Andrew Thompson says:

    Shola Ameobi leeek

  11. hahahahahaahahahahahahaahahah , that made my day , MESSI > RONALDO , as a player, and as a person

  12. hgo says:

    fuck messi

  13. shashank says:

    messi is certainly best in the world but the question is .Is he that good without xavi and iniesta , no he is not otherwise with players like di maria higuean, and that scumbag mascerano he would have atleast scored one goal in the world cup where as ronni does it without the class of barca players so now make the comparision

  14. C says:

    Igor Biscan über alles!

  15. sukrut says:

    hey k p v dont you want people to follow your ass on twitter

  16. Markmywords says:

    Ronaldo is the biggest twat on earth I can’t stand him

  17. dc says:


    WTF? Ronaldo did fuck all in the world cup without his madrid team behind him, he had a lucky goal that bounced off his head and sulked around the rest of the time.

    Meanwhile, if you watched Leo, (which you obviously don’t if you think he would suck without Xavi and Iniesta) he was running hard, making chances, helping his team. Didn’t score, but made his team better.

    Messi could play Xavi’s position just as well as he can play any other position and feed other players in; thats evident by how many assists he has this season.

    Messi= less shots, better goal to shot ratio, more assists; Ronaldo= way more shots, poor goals to shots ratio, less assists.

    Your raging boner for Ronaldo might cloud your judgement, but stats pretty much prove that Messi is a superior player. Robbie Savage could score as many goals as Ronaldo if he took the amount of selfish shots he does.

  18. shay says:

    Yes Messi is better than Ronaldo. And it took someone as good as Messi to beat CR7.

  19. cris says:

    Ronaldo is the god of football messi is a baby

  20. Anthony says:

    Messi and Ronaldo are both different players. Both the best in the world although at this moment messi is the best. Although MESSI without xavi and iniesta is not the same player and would not have the same stats what so ever. Although messi has one world player of the year twice it still dont compare to ronaldo’s world player of the year at united he ran show in england and runs show in spain. Messi plays for the best club in the world of course hes gonna have sick stats. No ronaldo did not do good in the world cup up to what his standards are but at the same time messi did piss all as well. Oh and one more thing copa del rey final who scored the game winner???? I forgot ronaldo did not messi. To be honest messi flopped that game.

  21. cunt says:



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  23. Anonymous says:

    ronaldo is the gol machin..

  24. Anonymous says:

    I agree with above that messi is an avrge player without his precious spaniards xavi and iniesta but cris can change the game all by himself

  25. Zayan Wade says:

    Messi is just amazing

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