Caption This: Wayne Rooney, Andy Carroll And Gary McAllister On Holiday Together

By Chris Wright

Pies says:

“Basically Gary, you just have to find yourself £30k and an overly hairy donor – I found young Andy here on the internet. They just ripped the follicles right out of his Lord of the Rings beard and sewed it onto my scalp, I look like Carlos Valderrama under this hat.”

You say?

(Photo: Metro)

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  1. jeremy says:


  2. phyrephly says:

    Shrek, an ugly elf and a two eyed cyclops were sitting on beach…no wait that can’t be right.

  3. CF4 says:

    “Dont look but ah, check out the rolls on the lady behind us”

  4. Zippy says:

    “Oh yeah, she’s really let herself go, look at Steve McManaman, he looks gutted doesn’t he ???”

  5. MYBONE says:

    so do u want the phone no for hair specialist in harley st or what?

  6. MYBONE says:

    not if i have to wear a shit hat like that

  7. ash says:

    wayne ” ere boys dont make it look too obvious but my new hair came off that guys arse”
    gary mac ” och ! i cud do with some of that ”
    carroll ” a giv him a fookin slap man”

  8. Gibby says:

    Sorry pet i didn’t realise that Benidorm catered for 18-30k a day holidays !!!

  9. wiggs says:

    Rooney to McAllister: If I read one more f*cking post referring to someone as “an undisputed Sex God”, I’m going to tear my new hair out.

  10. mtm says:

    rooney: that this fucking paparazzi doing here?
    mcalister: yeah fuck him, i go to teach him alesson
    carroll(thinking): fucking journo scum, i’ll kill him

  11. mtm says:

    mcmanamann (thinking): fucking hell not again..

  12. Hottt Dude says:

    mmmm these dudes are so hottt

  13. Calski says:

    Wayne Rooney, Gary McAllister and Jesus Christ were sitting on a beach…Oh wait.

  14. Aaron says:

    Is that guy’s head stuck to the pole or what?

  15. Rob says:

    nice tan line Gary

  16. lordrt says:

    Rooney: So Gary, you think Andy got enough to supply both of us (hair of course :P )

    Gary: Damn man, look at those bikini babes on the beach, where’s my wig?

    Caroll (thinking to himself): How did I get myself into this?????

  17. wtfmate says:

    rooney (thinking): maybe i’ll grow a fro or somethin’
    Caroll: where’s my beeeeer?!

  18. JS says:

    There’s so much f*cking pink in this picture, my eyes are watering.

  19. Ventilan says:

    wiggs, brilliant, actually laughed…

    Best one is still Chris’ though.. Valderrama.

  20. Solihull United says:

    “steve, can you put lotion on me ankles? oi, over here.”

  21. Gino Annie? says:

    Fukk about………… Andy Carroll is one hideous looking man. Dreadful. Sex God won’t be too happy about this pic

  22. Ben365 says:

    Andy Carroll looks like the baddy out of Superman, you know the one where there’s 3 baddies dressed in black from his planet… not sure of the superman film but I bet someone will!!

  23. Ben says:

    Rooney: thanks for the tip Andy about the hair, how’d you hear about yours again

    Carroll: when I was little a bloke told me I could take the hair of a donor and make it my own

    Rooney: who was it

    Carroll: some guy called mcallister

    McAllistair: shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

  24. barry.s says:

    McAllister:- wazza is that the doctor who did you hair transplant
    rooney:- yeah but he’s a bit early, there’s no way any’s beard is long enough yet for your operation

  25. lolface says:

    carroll: so how much did they pay for you then?
    mcallister: 75 million and 200k a week
    rooney: WHAT?! this is bullshit.

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