50 Very ‘Sensible Soccer’ Goals (Video)

Chris Wright

24th, February 2012


By Chris Wright

This is bordering on sacrilegious, but let it be known that I loathed Sensible Soccer back in the day – chiefly because I was absolutely bloody crap at it. That said, I still love it for purely aesthetic and nostalgic reasons. There was a certain honour in splintering an Amiga joystick over my brother’s head after finding myself on the receiving end of yet another 15-0 battering.

With that in mind, this really is a cut above your average goal compilation video; a beautifully edited 50-strong run-down of real-life human goals that could’ve come straight from a game of Sensi – we’re talking Evo Stik-sponsored close control, 30+ yard boomers, outrageous law of physics-mangling curve, etc, etc…

Video: Every Fourth Year

Love it. Happy Friday everyone.

While we’re talking Sensi (Sensible World of Soccer to be precise), here’s that fnarking awesome theme music in it’s entirety. All together: “You’re a goal-scoring Superstar hero, and every GOAL!, GOAL!, GOAL! says you’re the best in the land!”…