FIFA 14 To Cost Whopping £90, Ninety…Bloody…Quid!!! (Except It Probably Won’t)

Chris Wright

31st, May 2013


By Chris Wright


Confusion is reigning supreme this morning after Amazon listed the price for the XBox One version of the new FIFA 14 game as a whopping £89.99.

Twitter has been in meltdown all morning with people flying into a collective tizzy over the gargantuan price tag, though if they’d taken the time to head over to GAME’s website, they’d have seen that exactly the same game is available there for a very reasonable £1. Yep, just one, solitary English pound.

You see, the salient piece of information on both Amazon and GAME’s listings is that FIFA 14’s full price is “TBC” (to be confirmed) as, crucially, nobody  – not even retailers – actually know who much the XBox One or any of its games are going to cost yet.

It’s very simple and it’s actually fairly standard practice. The prices are listed along with a disclaimer which tells customers that if they pre-order, for instance, FIFA 14 now they will be charged the company’s lowest price for the game upon its release – regardless of its current £89.99 price tag. It’s little more than a placeholder.

As the Metro gaming section puts it, “retailers grossly overestimate the price of new games and hardware to make sure that they don’t underestimate and end up losing out when you actually pay.”

So, don’t panic…yet.

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  1. TravisKOP says:

    I hate how fifa just goes straight for the messi cover. its always either him or rooney. For years and years their US releases were rubbish. 1 prem star (always English) 1 MLS star and one Mexican player. I get they are trying to pander to a demographic but come on!

  2. Sean says:

    Not to be a smart arse but FIFA only got the Messi rights last year, pro evo had it last.
    But yeh before that it was Rooney every year.

  3. Neil says:

    Does anyone remember when Erik Thorstvedt was on the cover? Erik. Thorstvedt.

  4. Maria says:

    Yeah, I don’t get it either. Why would a footy sim called ‘Fifa’ put a four time winner of the ‘Fifa’ player of the year on the cover!? EA’s marketing guys are clearly chumps.

  5. maria says:

    Yeah, why put the four time winner of the Fifa player of the year on the cover of a footy sim called ‘Fifa’. >_<

    Seriously though, he's less controversial. If they put a Spurs player on the front it may alienate fans of other London clubs, similarly Liverpool/ Man U etc etc. Messi may alienate Real Madrid fans, but the cover may be different in Spain (dunno).

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