Retro Football: Good Old Fashioned ‘Sensible World Of Soccer’ Rage Quit (Video)

Chris Wright

25th, July 2014


By Chris Wright

Here’s one that’s sure to chime with all those millions of people (like Pies) who found Sensible Soccer and its sequel utterly, brain-achingly infuriating: a good old fashioned Sensible World of Soccer rage quit!

The fiddly controls, the hopeless inability to turn with the ball, the sheer amount of curve and power computer players were able to get on their shots while yours repeatedly lilted gently into the opposing goalkeeper’s arms like a downy feather falling into a basket of cotton wool and kittens – combined it was enough to induce haemorrhaging.

WARNING: Given the nature of the meltdown, the language used is almost 100% expletives…

God damn thee SWOS, but what a theme tune…

(Via Branch of Science)

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