Royston Drenthe Invites Random Reading Fans Round To His House For Impromptu FIFA 14 Tournament (Photos)

Chris Wright

4th, August 2014


By Chris Wright


Because he’s a big bloody lad, Royston Drenthe posted an open invite to local Reading fans via his Instagram account, chirping: “Anyone who thinks they are good at FIFA14 & is a Reading fan living in reading, like this pic & tomorrow I will choose 4 people to come to mine to play a FIFA14 tournament”.

The Dutchman also confirmed that there would be a “nice prize” for the winner, which sounds more sinister each time you read it for some reason.

Anyway, Drenthe made good on his promise and duly selected four eager Reading fans round to his house for the tournament, documenting the whole shebang with a series of subsequent Instagram posts…

Keeping up his end of the bargain, Drenthe also supplied a “nice prize” to the winner, who we think might be a young Tim Cahill: a personalised Reading shirt with his name and number on the back…

And a thoroughly lovely afternoon was had by all!

(Images: rawroya/Instagram)