FIFA 11 Screenshots And Gameplay Trailer – Petr Cech’s Helmet Is Realistic

Ollie Irish

18th, August 2010


LOOKS like Electronic Arts will not stop until Konami’s Pro Evo series is just a warm, fuzzy memory. FIFA 11 will be huge, no doubt – even if it’s basically the same as FIFA 10.

Official gameplay trailer:

Screenshots (click to enlarge – they got Wayne Rooney’s hair loss spot-on):

I can’t wait for everyone to play online as either Real Madrid or Barcelona. Can’t wait.

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  1. Domm says:

    PES is looking much improved this year. Still won’t beat FIFA obviously but it’ll be a narrower gap.

  2. Ala says:

    I’m going to be pissed off if they get the England shirt font wrong again. It’s awful.

  3. Montesquieu says:

    What’s with the cloud of words surrounding players, ‘strength’, ‘speed’…shit, I don’t care. Just want to play the game…

  4. johnny says:

    PES 2011 looks way better from the trailers.

  5. Pedro says:

    I’ll give PES 2011 a try this year. FIFA 2010 was infuriating with defending being somewhat of an alien concept to the game regardless of what mode you played it in and with a legendary difficulty setting that oscillated between 7-0 thrashings of Barcelona and 1-0 defeats against Wigan with goals conceded from miscued crosses from 60 yards away from goal that just happened to fly into the net. It may have better graphics and all of that, but the game itself was shit when it came to pretty much every aspect of your team’s AI, stats boosting of machine controlled teams and everything that makes football different from a sport where who runs faster and tackles strongest wins.

  6. canadianbacon says:

    This gameplay videos are always bogus, I wanna see something from the freaking Tele camera view goddamnit.

  7. Tinez says:

    This will ruin my master’s year, as it did my bachelors year.

  8. Major says:

    Love it, I hope they sort the clubs feature out, fed up with 4ft 7 goal keepers. Glad to see they’ve addressed the chip the goalie problem as well. Can’t wait its clearly going to be epic and that froma former PES fanboy.

  9. Luke says:

    “I can’t wait for everyone to play online as either Real Madrid or Barcelona. Can’t wait.” Haha spot on.

  10. تعلم البوكر says:


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