Konami Tweaks Online Master League For PES 2011 – Pro Evo Back In Business?

Ollie Irish

18th, August 2010


ON a slow news day in the real football world, we turn again to the world of football videogames.

As a longtime fan of the Pro Evolution series, at least until it lost its way a couple of years ago, I’m interested to hear of Konami’s plans for the much-loved Master League mode. Here’s PES legend Seabass talking about the 2011 ML tweaks:

Promising talk, but the proof will be in the playing, and Konami have lost their way with recent Pro Evos. But the inability to take your Master League team fully online, not to mention the general crapness of online play, was one of the main reasons why I fell out of love with the series, so this video gives me some hope.

In other PES v FIFA news, Konami has just announced a spoiler release date for PES 2011.

It comes to the UK and Europe on September 30, one day before the launch of FIFA 11. It’s Oasis v Blur all over again.

A version of PES 2011 will also be launched for Apple’s iPad, in October.