The Fiendish Friday Quiz


29th, September 2006


It’s that time again. Stop what you’re doing and have a good hard think…

1 Who was the first East German to play for the unified German national side?
2 Only one player has appeared for Man Utd, Man City, Liverpool and Everton. Who?
3 In the film Spinal Tap, ‘lukewarm’ bassist Derek Smalls wears an English club’s shirt in several scenes. Which club?
4 Who’s this brooding Premiership footballer (see photo)?
5 Which Spanish Premiership footballer’s name translates into English as ‘John Field’?
6 Tottenham, Oxford (Loan), Ipswich (Loan), Leicester, Bolton (current club). Which veteran’s career path?

Answers below…

The Fiendish Friday Quiz continued…


1 Matthias Sammer, against Switzerland in 1990.
2 Peter Beardsley.
3 Shrewsbury Town.
4 Bobby Convey, of Reading.
5 Ivan Campo.
6 Ian Walker.

So how did you do? Anyone get all six right?

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  1. Mof Gimmers says:

    Five outta six! Not bad at all!

  2. joe says:

    I need to crack the books, I average 1 correct per quiz! I even got the Sammer one wrong, I mean who puts Thomas Strunz?!?!? He can’t even keep his wife from running off with Stefan Effenberg.