Andy Gray Loses FIFA 12 Co-Commentary Job, Replaced By Alan Smith

Chris Wright

1st, July 2011


By Chris Wright

Good news folks, EA Sports have confirmed that Andy ‘tuck this in for me‘ Gray has been shunted from the FIFA 12 commentary team to make room next to Martin Tyler for the altogether less odiously repulsive Alan Smith.

At this point we could bring you the official blurb, quotes, reaction, etc, etc – but instead we’ve simply summed up the rest of the article in image form…

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  1. dave says:

    ah brilliant! the sound of his voice on fifa always annoyed me!

  2. Alan says:

    Alan Smith is a solid commentator but he has quite a hilarious speech impediment too

  3. Chris says:

    @Alan: I was considering going with ‘…Weplaced By Alan Smith’ as a headline, but I decided it was just unnecessarily harsh!

  4. Montesquieu says:

    They’ve never really had any good commentators, or at least by the end of the year of playing the game, I would grow tired of them all. Ally McCoist was by far the most annoying.

  5. mtm says:

    hahaha the bile towards andy gray it unbelievable, its just shows that a pathetic assholes journalists are. fuck you and your political correct boring jewish precious middle class world.

  6. chimpo says:

    @mtm- woh- where did the jewish bit come from? what the fuck?

    moron, absolute moron

  7. Jesus says:

    mtm you really are a berk

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