Konami Release Official PES 2012 Trailer (Video)

Chris Wright

18th, August 2011


By Chris Wright

Bang! Hot on the heels of EA Sports’ latest offering comes the official Konami trailer for PES 2012…

We first posted the rival FIFA 12 trailer yesterday, but here it is again side-by-side for you to ‘compare and contrast’ at will…

Come on then, who’s getting your money this year peeps?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    PES is just better in every way.

  2. nat says:

    FIFA all the way. Screw Merseyside Red.

  3. :) says:

    if pes had some rights that would be good. but they don’t so it’s no contest. also i’m sure the graphics in the video won’t look nearly as good in-game. as always

  4. Murray says:

    Can we get a side-by-side comparison of Wayne Rooney’s hairline from the two games?

  5. Peter says:

    PES is way better then FIFA.

  6. Dave says:

    PES used to have much better gameplay, but since FIFA 09, it has been lagging way behind. FIFA again for me.

  7. Viks53 says:

    Since 2006 Major PES Fan!

  8. Red_Devil says:

    PES looks like one of those arcade machine games, I would rather go with FIFA, plus at least FIFA trailer is simulated gameplay, PES trailer looks like one of those youtube videos of a guy playing on amateur.

  9. Red_Devil says:

    Also the few spurts of simulated gameplay in the PES trailer look somewhat decent, but when it comes to the actual gameplay the graphics look like that of FIFA06

  10. alex says:

    fewer stadiums, fewer teams, fewer players, fewer life-like movements. PES takes 2nd every time. however, the only thing they do get right is the be a player mode and be a manager over fifa. but as always FIFA all the way

  11. noodle says:

    fifa fosho!

  12. TheBro says:

    I stopped after 3 minutes of PES. Wasn’t worth my time, FIFA12s gameplay quality, graphics, AI, and gaming engine FAR surpass that of PES….

  13. Montesquieu says:

    I’d only buy PES if they offered different leagues than FIFA. Or at least a few other ones, Argentina over the Dutch. For Moses’ sake, I don’t care enough for the Dutch league to play it on Fifa, let alone PES.

  14. Colin says:

    Both annoy the hell out of me.

    There doesn’t seem to be anything groundbreaking about either. “Active AI” – what the hell does that mean!? Surely the AI has been active in previous games? It looks like you need to control two of your team’s players simultaneously – doesn’t this completely contradict “Active AI”? Players should be automatically moving into decent positions without you telling them to.

    The Fifa trailer is even worse: “This is a s close as it gets to being on the pitch” – so this will be the last Fifa ever I assume? ‘Guys, we can do no better than this.’
    “Precision Dribbling” & “Tactical Defending” – Well done, so you’ve finally produced two of the basic elements of football.

    What a load of hodge-podge. I’ve had the last two Fifas and also PES before those, no longer though. I’ll have Football Manager (hell, even Championship Manager) instead please.

  15. Chris says:

    Pro Evo all the way – most of the content is now licensed, the rest can be with an hour with a USB stick! Better graphics, better football.

  16. MisterTarg says:

    This fifa 12 is the almost the same as fifa 11, fifa 11 already has “Precision Dribbling” & “Tactical Defending”. I don’t know if the new collision engine is an improved version of fifa 11’s but it looks like gameplay is the same.
    And it seems like PES just implemented trigger run? fifa has had that since fifa 07

  17. aspers says:

    gotta admit fifa vid looks slightly better. will still but pro anyway as its always better. not being lisenced is half the fun for me, love creating kits badges and even my own team. fifa usually gets boring after a week or so

  18. Anonymous says:

    FIFA is just the offical videogame for the Sky Sports generation. PES is all about the football, not the flashy soundtrack and hyper-realistic shiny faces.

  19. getsum says:

    Until FIFA gets better graphics, has a mode “like” Master League and allows customization of the teams and players then I will be always getting PES, ’nuff said.

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