Hope Solo & Steve ‘Part Gorilla, Part Leopard’ Nash Square Off On FIFA 12 (Video)

Chris Wright

21st, September 2011


By Chris Wright

With the 30th September release date crowning on the horizon, the FIFA 12 Hype Machine is ramped all the way up to eleven at the moment and the EA virals are coming thick and fast – the lastest seeing Hope Solo squaring off against Steve ‘kinda like a gorilla and a leopard’ Nash in a duel to the death game of pixel-based football…

Dear lord, they actually went and listed Nash’s hometown as ‘Canada’.

Video: EA Sports (There’s also a ‘Landon Donovan vs Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum‘ video knocking around as well, if you fancy a whirl)

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  1. Jamie says:

    Oh cool, haven’t seen much of Hope Solo in a while.

  2. Davy says:

    arrrrr Hope Solo….Chris’s Sex God (sorry I had to do it)

  3. Jay says:

    Actually don’t mind her now…Rather see her than Gary Neville’s mug or such like reguarlary…She’s starting to grow on me. Nice alluring voice n’ all

  4. Jay says:


  5. pompeylad says:

    Aren’t EA Sports, ironically, based in Vancouver, CANADA?

  6. Al says:

    EA make FIFA in Burnaby, next to Vancouver so I would think that the hometown piece is ironic, funny, a joke – as a Vancouverite (well, Englishman exiled in Vancouver) it made me laugh. Steve Nash is a bit of a hero out here and a genuinely funny guy.

  7. Ron says:

    Jaysus, would Hope Solo go fuck off already. That ugly, half-man half-bitch twat.

  8. pat says:

    beat by a women in video games, hang your head in shame stevey

  9. QB Eagles says:

    Nash is relying FAR too much on that chip shot.

  10. Tatonka says:

    I hate that US Soccer and maybe FIFA attempt so hard to get new or so-called “casual” fans into SAW-kerrrrr. I was watching the “Roast of Charlie Sheen” (for some reason) and FIFA 12 was one of the product-sponsors during the show. It was utterly weird and annoying. The commercialization of the game only brings in dumbass chodes and little bastards who nothing of the game to play the game, especially during online-playing. It’s annoying knowing and listenting to them.

    To me, what they call ‘SAW-kerrrr’, is like the Rock band who should remain loyal to it’s underground following. Especially after listening to this tards on their ESPN shows and the common cynical stereotypes given to it’s name; I say FUCK the “casual” fans US Soccer’s trying to attain. You become a fan of the sport by inheriting it’s passion. And I’m an American-born citizen.

  11. huckleberry says:

    @ Tatonka

    cool story bro

  12. Montesquieu says:


    you mad?

  13. Hasselhof says:

    Tatonka liked “soccer” before it was cool.

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