World Cup GIF: Robin Van Persie Scores Absolutely Spectacular Diving Header As Holland Humiliate Spain

Chris Wright

13th, June 2014


By Chris Wright

Brazil Soccer WCup Spain Netherlands

<Insert “flying Dutchman” pun here>

Spain 1-5 Holland. We can honestly say we didn’t see that coming!

While we’re on the subject, we’ve said it before and we’ll doubtless say it again, but there is no player with better finishing technique in world football than Robin van Persie.

Clamp your looking gear round this beauty…

Absolutely bloody outstanding.

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  1. bob says:

    no mention for the peach of a ball from daley blind? he also made a great pass to robben for his first….. another amazing player (along with sneijder) from out ajax academy.

    veltman with a the goal line clearance, and cillessen being a rock

    • Chris says:

      We’ve got proper highlights and junk still to come, Bob.

      Don’t worry, each Dutch hero shall receive their due!

  2. Jarren says:


  3. MJ says:

    How to fall in love with your club’s soon to be manager in 90 minutes

  4. fouldsy says:

    my thoughts exactly MJ

  5. AJM says:

    If he did that with 2.5 world class players, some youngsters, and role players, I can’t wait to see what he has in store for United. Get that man a midfield, Woodward!

  6. adhikapp says:

    If he can make Vlaar, Martins Indi, and de Vrij look superb, there is not doubt Van Gaal could do that with Smalling, Jones, and Evans.

  7. Zam says:

    Surprised this didn’t get instantly totted into your “Great World Cup Goals” collection.

  8. Wesley says:

    I was positively surprised by our line of defence yesterday, but no, I’m sorry, Jones, Evans and Smalling are just never gonna work for United ;)

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