World Cup GIF: How ITV Might Have Covered The 1966 World Cup Final

Ollie Irish

14th, June 2010


By Ollie Irish

As you may have seen, ITV’s HD coverage of the World Cup came in for a serious amount of stick this weekend after it mistakenly screened a Hyundai ad during Steven Gerrard’s fourth-minute goal v the USA. Hence this (admittedly amusing) GIF that imagines how ITV might have covered the ’66 final:

Auntie Beeb and other heavyweight media outlets have had a field day with the blunder. Yes, ITV screwed up, but you’d think from the vitriolic coverage it had cost England the World Cup.

Why is ITV such a whipping boy for the media? If the BBC had made a similar mistake, I doubt there would be half the uproar. Snobbery, I guess.

ITV’s new Live online service has also come in for some criticism (and praise also), unfairly as I can testify from personal experience that it’s an excellent service with loads of potential and huge benefits for football fans who want to interact online in different ways during the World Cup.