‘If Someone Throws Bananas, I Will Kill Him’ – Mario Balotelli Vows To Smite Any Euro 2012 Racists

By Chris Wright

There’s no sitting on the fence with Mario Balotelli vis-a-vis the preemptive racism storm a-brewing ahead of Euro 2012. The new Italian No. 9  – who has endured more than his fair share of abuse in the past – has vowed to ‘kill anyone’ who throws bananas at him in the street in Poland and/or Ukraine, telling France Football:

“If [racism] does happen I would leave the pitch and go home. Racism is unacceptable to me, I cannot bear it.

“We are in 2012, it can’t happen. If someone throws a banana at me in the street, I will go to prison because I will kill him.”

Something something John Terry something something Italy something something latter stages something something.

But wait, there’s more from our Mario:

“I think I am a genius, but not a rebel. I have my life, my world, I do what I want, without annoying anyone. I believe I am more intelligent than the average person.

“The talent God gave me is beautiful and wonderful, but it is difficult because you are always facing other people keen to judge you.

“There are few people with such talent, so there are few able to judge what I am doing.”

We’ll let you draw your own conclusions from that second batch of quotes. We ain’t sayin’ nuthin’.

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  1. Robert West says:

    He’s right about Racism, I still cannot believe it is a problem in Football still? I am not going to put Euro 2012 in the same negative as Sol Campbell as I am sure everyone is not a racists, but I can see it being a problem for black players this summer.

  2. Nick says:

    You’ve just provoked so many people.

  3. plops says:

    What Nick says. Losing against Italy? Wind him up.

    And don’t kill anyone Mario because you’ll go to prison :(

  4. Ordinary Man says:

    Mario, always good for some crazy statement! Racism is unacceptable…… Muder too is Unacceptable :)

  5. abhi_gooner says:

    Mario Balotelli has experienced racism from a very early age, especially from Juve fans. I can very well understand what he’s getting at and for the first time in eternity he’s talking sense (minus the part about him being some sort of misunderstood genius).

  6. Professor Erno Breastpinchd says:

    Part of me hopes something does kick off, Fifa and Uefa will never reform the way they select the hosts unless their hand is forced.
    Euros – bonkers decision
    WC – Mind blowing

  7. Al says:

    ha ha Balotelli, always good for a comment and unbelievably full of his own shit, find him funny but comments like that demonstarte how much of an buffoon he is. More inteligent than the average person? I know a lot of average people and not one of them set fire to their bathroom with fireworks, Balotelli is clearly of lower inteligence than average

    As for the genius comment? what is he basing that on, having a few good games for a strong city team? ridiculous, for genius read Zidane, Messi, Maradonna but Balotelli is not even playing the same sport.

  8. Toz says:

    Of course, because racism doesn’t exist in the U.K., France, Italy or Spain.

    Get fucking real. The likelihood of Poles or Ukrainians being racist exists, but it exists in Spain, France, Italy and the U.K. as well.

  9. plops says:

    I’d quite like Balotelli to become one of Italy’s best ever players just to piss off the racists. What would they do then? I believe they used to sing ‘There’ll never be a black Italian’ at him. That would really confuse them. Turns out there is a black Italian and he’s very good at football.

  10. Julian Assange's Solicitor says:

    So now racism is unacceptable but murder is justifiable.
    This bloke is as thick as pig shit

  11. Grant says:

    Killing racists is probably just this side of acceptable in my book.

  12. usrick says:

    Racism is certainly not acceptable, but this kind of attention-seeking nonsense isn’t going to help the problem. What he’s managed to do is to make sure every banana-carrying idiot at Euro 12 knows the quickest way to a banana at him.

    As for him being a genius, his conduct – on and off the pitch – speaks for itself.

  13. usrick says:

    Quickest way to get on television, in the newspapers, etc.

  14. Anonymous says:

    greatest thing balotelli has ever said.

  15. Dave Macbeth says:

    This is the kind of shit that makes me love Mario!!!!!!!

  16. Guff says:

    What a wanker.

  17. Bigrat says:

    A ridiculous statement for a ridiculous situation. If you dont understand his anger, then its probably because you have never been treated as sub-human bcos of the colour of your skin.

  18. […] hoping that Mario catches wind of the comments and follows through with the pre-Euro 2012 quotes he gave last year, in which he vowed to ‘kill’ any sucker that publicly abused […]

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