Female Linesman Attacked In Spanish Regional League After Player Attempts To ‘Slap Her With His Penis’

Chris Wright

18th, November 2015



Sounds like there were harrowing scenes in the Spanish lower leagues over the weekend when a player stormed the pitch and reportedly attempted to slap a lineswoman with his gentleman’s appendage.

According to MARCA, the incident occured during the 80th minute of Sunday’s Andalusian Senior Second Division match between CD Abes and Gabia CF.

As per the referee’s match report, the man responsible was quickly identified as a player for a local rival team, Celtic de Pulianas, who play in the league above.


Image via MARCA

Referee Jesus Lorenzo Rodriguez revealed that the interloper “invaded the pitch and approached assistant number one and tried to hit her with his penis, which he had pulled out beforehand”.

“He was wearing the team’s tracksuit and I recognised him from when I’d refereed in the past,” he added.

What a dick.

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  1. ToonArmyMilwaukee says:

    Major disappointment here, Chris. In any place in the USA, this would correctly be classified as a sexual assault. Your apparent revelry (posted in Hardmen, final comment: “what a dick”) is beyond insensitivity and quite shameful.

    It’s time to grow up.

  2. Jarren says:

    I’m not sure if it could be classed as sexual assault, but it’s definitely discriminatory.

    Clearly he used his penis as a symbol of power over the woman.

    Sadly there are still men like that in the world. And they all have very fragile egos.

  3. frank c says:

    What a dick, indeed ..

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