Horror Hair: Montpellier President Louis Nicollin Vowed To Have Orange Mohawk If Club Won Ligue 1…

Chris Wright

22nd, May 2012


By Chris Wright

With an annual budget of just £27 million, little Montpellier beat Auxerre to win their first ever Ligue 1 title on the final day of the French season at the weekend, knocking nouvelle riche fatcats Paris Saint-Germain back into second spot in the process – which meant that, courtesy of a bold wager made back in April, Montpellier’s owner, 68-year old businessman Louis Nicollin, had to do this to his hair (orange and blue being MHSC’s club colours)…

Just look how chuffed he is about it!

Asked what he wanted from the Auxerre game after Montpellier’s 2-1 win (the game was delayed three times due to fans hurling tennis balls, eggs, toilet paper and flares onto the pitch), Nicollin apparently told reporters: “I wanted one teeny-weeny point against Auxerre and now I want a t*tty f**k!”

Nice chap.

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  1. JuanosDios says:

    He’s like the French Dave Whelan

  2. pedant says:

    * nouveau riche

  3. Mr Sensible says:

    He looks like that Mr Paparazzi guy who was on Celebrity Big Brother once.


  4. Skitch Winchester says:

    The titties he’s looking to have effed are his own, right?

  5. Markell says:

    I love this guy already… He should buy Balotelli, or at least City should do a short term loan. Imagine the possibilities…

  6. oto says:

    The story of this mohwak, one day one of his player came to the trainning with a mohwak… and that didn’t like to loulou NIcolin … he pratices with him the hairdryer … then loulou bet during a press conf’ that if montpellier win he will wear a Mohwak !!
    One word one man!
    (sorry for my english)

  7. leo says:

    I love this guy…Nicollin and De Laurentis of Napoli are for sure the most entertaining club chairmen in Europe. God I love futbol

  8. FredM says:

    I spend 6 months of each year living in Montpellier, where Nicollin is regarded as quite a character (a cartoon book of his bons mots was published recently).

    His company has the sanitation & rubbish contract for the Montpellier Agglo, something that gives visiting club supporters plenty of verbal ammunition.

    Winning the league is quite an achievement for MHSC as Lyon and OM have been fairly dominant and have much greater spending power, plus the club does not enjoy particularly large gates as the region is a Rugby and Handball stronghold, so well done to them. I just hope they can hang on to their star players.

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