Neymar Suffers Ruptured Broken Shattered Severed Neck vs Team GB (Video)

Chris Wright

21st, July 2012


By Chris Wright

Team GB played Brazil’s London 2012 mob in a pre-Olympic jolly at the Riverside last night, with the South Americans winning 2-0 and putting on a dominant display of football – though, sadly, the match was overshadowed by a sickening injury to Neymar on the half-hour mark, when a horrific collision with Ryan Betrand resulted in the Brazilian forward sustaining a rupturedbrokenshatteredsevered neck…

Nasty. It’ll take a miracle if he’s going to make the Olympics after that.

You’ve got to give it to him – he certainly committed himself to the bit. We love how the physio clearly doesn’t have a clue where to apply the ice.

Neymar, eh? What a little prannet.