Football GIF: El Hadji Diouf Scythed Down On Rangers Debut

Ollie Irish

8th, February 2011


By Ollie Irish

Neil Warnock paid a lot of money for this…

Just as beautiful as any Xavi pass or Ronaldo free-kick, I’m sure you’ll agree.

And the satirical version:


Any other business: Diouf’s new hairstyle, which echoes Jermain Defoe’s ill-judged Wembley arch


Diouf has been making friends fast in Scotland, as you’d expect. After a coruscating Old Firm game on Sunday, which ended in a 2-2 draw, everyone’s favourite sewer rat called Celtic’s Scott Brown – a skilled wind-up merchant himself – a “nobody”; but then Brown did celebrate his goal by getting right in Diouf’s face.

Amazingly, Diouf didn’t spit at anyone.

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  1. C says:

    Ah, sweet sweet karma.

  2. SamHumphreys says:

    It wasn’t his debut.

  3. Jelle says:

    What does karma have to do with this ?

    Do explain, what is it exactly that makes Diouf worse than rapists, murderers, peadophiles,… (since that seems to be the general consensus in the media) ?
    He has done some stupid things in the past and hasn’t conducted himself with dignity, to be blunt.
    However, several of those incidents were years ago.
    And before anyone throws in the ‘He abused a fellow football player who had broken his leg’: Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, knew that Mackie’s leg was broken, not even the QPR physio. Diouf saw Mackie go in very hard on his team-mate (Givet, who had to be taken off too by the way) and ran up to him, making him know that he overdid it.
    Spur of the moment stuff. The only thing he did wrong was not apologise later, that I would agree with.

    He never ended a fellow football player’s career, unlike some (Roy Keane, for example, who confessed he did it on purpose).
    He never raped, assaulted or abused women (Unlike some, who then get 35 million pound transfers to Liverpool).

  4. rossawe says:

    Whether or not Diouf has had a chequered history by the very act of glorying in the actions of a thuggish little cretin, Black of Hearts, who had previously curtailed Jelavic season you leave yourself no right to complain when your teams star player gets a sore one that ends his season or career.

  5. garyw09 says:

    Typical jumping on the bandwagon. Diouf is such a bad man and he should be kicked out the country according to some. You forget things like he has his own charity foundation to help kids, how come that is never mentioned?

    Does the author of this have anything like that? I seriously doubt it. Another nameless hack hiding behind his computer.

  6. Nicko says:

    Jelle – shutup

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  8. trueblue says:

    makes me sick ok maybe diouf has done some daft thing but to think that tackle on him was karma well your just a pathetic cretin that needs to grow up hiding behind a pc coming out with this crap is so childish and pathetic and all the ohh we dont do nothing wrong brigade over at celtic are just as bad brown should what he was but we already know a piece of scum

  9. Jelle says:

    I like your argumentation Nicko.
    Anything else to add ?

  10. trueblue says:

    that was showed before the politically correct mob check me for my typo

  11. trueblue says:

    name ollie irish about sums this site up

  12. Gary Ferry says:

    Well said that man Jelle

  13. Sir Walter says:

    Ollie Irish having a dig at Rangers?….well I never! look closer to home timothy remember Roy Keane? broke someones leg and was glad he done it! Hartson vollying someone square on the face? Gravesen one of the dirtiest players to grace a footballing field and nothing was said about him joining celtic??? the way Diouf is been treated is absolutely disgraceful but what do you expect from a scottish media that has it in for Rangers and cant see anything wrong with celtic! what about celtics manager Neil Lennon aka TLB got a women pregnant had nothing to do with the kid and threatened to kill her??? now you tell me whats worse?

  14. Ricky hart says:

    Celtic fc is that not the club that covered up child abuse and got tried in court and found guilty ?? is Diouf not the man who has a charity set up to help less fortunate children?

  15. James May says:

    Ollie Irish what a farce of an article! epic fail shows how much you don’t know claiming it was Diouf debut! how can I take anything you say seriously when you fail to get the basics right?

  16. Ollie Irish says:

    I wonder how stupid you have to be to think that someone with the surname Irish must also ‘be’ Irish (and therefore a rampant Celtic fan).

    Very stupid? Yeah.

  17. Gibby says:

    I don’t condone Diouf’s spitting , it’s lower than low. But for Celtics Brown & Lennon two of the biggest dicks/chavs/neds in the game to pick up the ‘personal battle’ of systematically bullying him on sunday well nae bother bring it on. He may be a rat to most but he’s ours until the end of the season and as long as he’s blue we’ll support him. The only way for El Hadj to shut these fannies up is by banging that baw in the back of the net week in and out. Up until sunday most CFC fans would’ve happily binned Brown but now he’s had 1 good game he’s now a Celtic man through and through. It’s down the park stuff wey him – if ye cannae match him for skill kick feck out of him.

  18. Ruperto says:

    I Love The Second GIF

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  20. Class Act says:

    Crackin Gif, this will be saved by a lot of people inEngland. The sewer rat get chopped down.

    Glad the rat has found a new home and its not in England, up north to the dregs of the ‘blue’ side of glasgow. They don’t call it the ‘blue’ side for nothing.

    Miserable moaning bastards.

    PS: he is the most hated footballer in the UK

  21. Gibby says:

    One very UNclassy Act indeed !

  22. TravisKOP says:

    Ollie > you firstly.
    secondly, Diouf is a cock, nuff said. stop defending the man and let him continue to put his custom made boot in his mouth. . . and his head up his arse.

  23. Dusty says:

    Diouf deserves some crediy for playing the whole match from the inside of Scott Brown’s back pocket.

  24. Oi! That's Right says:

    This guy from Hearts (?) went in too soft. I’d like to see that self-proclaimed hard man crying like a bitch he is when he’s got an injury similar to Mackie’s one. The prick is only “tough” enough to spit at kids and threat to rape a one year olds

  25. Jelle says:

    Basturts who did it:
    But at least I had a chance to deepthroat Baby Dioufy after the old firm game

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