Snapshot: The Joys Of Norwegian Football

Chris Wright

29th, May 2012


By Chris Wright

On Saturday evening England played Norway in Oslo swathed in balmy 24º sunshine, three days later…

Here’s a better look at that Tromso-Brann game…

Now, we’re aware that Tromso is a good deal more Northerly than Oslo, but this is the end of May we’re talking about here. Insane.

Via @playupfootball

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  1. mareantheone says:

    2 days later, not 3

  2. mareantheone says:

    2 days later

  3. Grant says:

    How can it be snowing if it’s above freezing?

  4. Fat Nakago says:

    @Grant Cold air aloft is all it takes. And…the temp not that much above freezing in any case. Here in Wisconsin where I live we’ve had snow in early June…not that often, but it’s not surprising.

    Anyway, if those lads at the game in Oslo were REAL football Fans, they’d also be at that game in Tromso sans shirts!

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