Injured Frank Lampard Out Of Euro 2012, Jordan Henderson Can’t Believe His Luck

Alan Duffy

31st, May 2012


By Alan Duffy

As great Irish poet Ronan Keating said, life is indeed a rollercoaster, with Chelsea veteran Frankie Lamps the latest poor sod to experience life’s ups and downs. Coming only weeks after the midfielder lifted the Champions League trophy with Chelsea, he has now been forced out of England’s Euro 2012 squad courtesy of a thigh injury suffered in training.

Lampard impressed in a more defensive role for the Blues in the Champions League victory against Bayern Munich and could well have played an important role for Roy Hodgson in Poland and Ukraine. And with the former West Ham star now 33, Euro 2012 was probably his last chance of appearing at a major tournament, which is quite sad really. Hodgson said:

“It’s a huge blow for the team, especially coming after the loss of another senior player in Gareth Barry,” said manager Roy Hodgson.”

“The fact that the doctor cannot guarantee Frank could take part in any of the group matches means we have to replace him in the central midfield area.”

“Apart from it being a huge blow to me and the team, I’m especially disappointed for Frank himself.”

However, while Lampard packs his bags and head home to the consoling and spindly arms of Christine Bleakley, an excited Jordan Henderson will be polishing his boots and no doubt thanking his lucky stars as he prepares to join up with the England side after a rather dismal first season at Anfield.

I wonder what Michael Carrick is thinking right now.

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  1. pray4muamba says:

    perhaps a miracle in disguise? lamps and gerrard never work out together. hopefully parker can do something

  2. SL says:

    Great news for England, fat frank has never performed for his country and is only their in his club reputation.

    It just proves how stupid Richards and Carrick were for turning down standby roles.

  3. Kyle says:

    Before people go off on Roy for picking Henderson above Carrick, remember it was Carrick who denied a call up early because he wasn’t going to be a starter. A lot of people seem to forget this fact.

  4. West End Blues says:

    Massive blow. Lamps had adapted really well to the holding role and I was convinced this would be the first time that stevie g nd frank would link up well. Shame, now our only goal threat from central mid is gerrard. I mean its not like Parker or Henderson are assist machines.

  5. garth crooks says:

    michael carricks never been good for england and won’t be in the plans for 2014 whereas henderson, walcott, the ox will so we can use this to go into brazil with a bit more confidence

  6. Fleige says:

    Won´t do much harm.

  7. Jock says:

    Was scholes even considered or did he deny anything but a start?

  8. John says:

    Well it looks like England fans have got their wish. They never warmed up to Lampard, and yet he continues to play. Just retire Lamps and focus on Chelsea. The England team is going absolutely nowhere. I’m happy Lamps isn’t playing because it seems like no one really cares. Enjoy Henderson, Parker and Gerrard in midfield, you ungrateful asses. Consider it an accomplishment if England get out of the group stage.

  9. Toz says:

    Thank Fucking God.

  10. Andy Carroll's Ponytail says:

    What chance Henderson goes on to have a storming Euro2012 then? shame for Lamps though. He really deserved 1 last tournament.

  11. Waterboy says:

    Henderson? Oh my God. Thats it. Its all over for England.

  12. Anonymous says:

    What John said 100%

  13. Mr Sensible says:

    Watching Gerrard and Parker keep possession, that’ll be fun.

    However much I wanted Carrick to play, I don’t think it would be fair for him to be going ahead of Henderson after he made his mind up not to be picked. Good luck to Henderson, had a pretty poor season and U21 tournament last summer but I think the lad has talent, will be good experience for him.

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