‘Nothing Short Of Disgraceful’ – Agent Blasts Hodgson And FA Over Rio Ferdinand Snub

Alan Duffy

3rd, June 2012


By Alan Duffy

On the day that Gary Cahill had to withdraw from England’s Euro 2012 squad with the inexperienced Liverpool defender, Martin Kelly, taking his place, the ‘representative’ of Rio Ferdinand has blasted both the FA and manager Roy Hodgson for failing to pick his client. Also a close friend of Ferdinand, Jamie Moralee said:

“Lampard, Terry, Barry, Gerrard; all ageing but they go to the tournament. Why is Rio different?”

‘To treat a player that has captained and served his country 81 times (in this manner) is nothing short of disgraceful. Total lack of respect from Hodgson and the FA as far as I am concerned.”

Ferdinand has publicly admitted his disappointment at being left out of the squad for, what Hodgson claimed, were purely footballing reasons. However, am I wrong in saying that a footballer such as Rio should show a little bit of dignity and humility and accept the decision with a little bit of class, rather than whinging about it while his agent comes out with an incredibly strong attack himself?

Ferdinand, 33, last played for England a year ago, so he has hardly been a regular part of the Three Lion’s backline recently. And while, yes, Martin Kelly is hardly experienced, the Liverpool defender only got the nod after Micah Richards refused to go on the standby list. Therefore, it seems to me that a number of English footballers are rather getting too big for their boots (there’s a surprise).

As for the whole John Terry/Anton Ferdinand racism issue, it seems that Hodgson got left with a stupid no-win situation with the FA surely to blame.

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  1. ben says:

    Not just that but what about Rio’s twitter picture or how ever he did it if you wasn’t bothered then why would you go to do that and insult Roy’s speaking misfortunes is child like. In person and as a footballer terry is a cunt no two ways about it the Barcelona away game was enough to show that no thought apart from himself I wouldn’t of taken him on the basis his a massive bellend I like Rio don’t get me wrong but his got a bit of a “richards” attitude approach to this hole thing.

  2. Jamie says:

    Statement is misleading. For anyone who didn’t know any better it would read that he’s captained England 81 times.

  3. Toz says:

    To be honest, all aforementioned players should have been snubbed. Fuck them, that’s why.

  4. Rob says:

    Alan, you are spot on there. If he doesn’t like the decision then fine but it’s also disrespectful to Kelly.

  5. Karan says:

    Maybe the real criticism should be that Hodgson wasn’t man enough to admit Rio was left out because of nothing to do with football.

  6. Karan says:

    Moreover,the FA should be asked for their rationale which dictated that Terry should be stripped of captaincy but stay in the team.
    So its ok to be a racist player,but not a racist captain,eh?
    If he isn’t guilty,why isn’t he captain?

  7. jim says:

    His manager says he’s not fit enough to play tournament football and has been injured a lot recently. Not played for England for a year. Why would you take him for footballing reasons? As for non-footballing reasons, he criticised Capello for lacking class when not picking him as captain, and he’s a drugs cheat. He’s part of a golden age that delivered nothing. Not even came close.

  8. sleeba says:

    Best idea is not to take anyone from the premiershit.
    Bunch of overp(l)aid ignoramuses.
    Take Boris ‘bit yer legs’ Johnson, Alex ‘crossdressing hardnut’ Reid, Grayson Perry, David Furnish, Rasta Mouse,Tom Daley(for penalties)…..anyone else?

  9. Michael_D says:

    Or perhaps he’s just past it? Time to bleed the kids…you can’t complain that England will get skinned at the back (which they will) when you keep trotting out these old generation CBs…don’t get me wrong, there’s definitely experience back there but experience can’t make you move any quicker. The only way you’ll develop better CBs is to let them play and give them a chance

  10. JLBK says:

    Rio is 10 times the defender that John Terry is and is actually on pretty decent form coming out of the season whereas Terry has been absolute shit the last year or so.

    Jim – The England national team as a whole has been a “golden age that delivered nothing. Not even came close.” for the last 50-odd years and if you don’t count the World Cup win in ’66, they have been under-acheiving forever.

    They will not get through the group.

  11. Karan says:

    Ferdinand has played more football than Gerrard over the past two years.
    Lampard,Parker and Barry are in their 30’s so the age argument is invalid.
    @jim,Terry is facing racism charges,so lets stick to footballing reasons.
    I am in no way saying Ferdinand is the best CB in the world right now,but to be below Kelly in the pecking order can be understandably insulting.He is feeling targeted and it seems like the only obvious deduction.

  12. Thomas says:

    When England tries to move in the direction it should…ahem…a NEW direction, someone has to start crying. He’s just the first causality. Eventually, it’ll be Terry, Gerrard, Lampard as well but Rio had to be first. He should take it like a man, not only for his country but for his image. The national team isn’t selected by a popular vote.

  13. jon says:

    come on. center backs have to have a working relationship. a certain synergy. ferdinand hates terry, deservedly or not. you can’t have those two playing next to each other. he had to pick one or the other. he picked terry with the idea of play 3 chelsea players at the back. cahill gets injured to foil that plan, but that doesn’t remove the fact the ferdinand and terry could come to blows at any time. you simply can’t have them play together. so if they aren’t gonna play together and you can’t drop terry after you already picked him, then why pick ferdinand?

  14. Karan says:

    @jon,exactly my point.Hodgson does not admit that,though.

  15. Rob says:

    It’s sad when there’s a massive tournament to look forward to and the only headlines are about a player who hasn’t made the squad.

    I think all footballers twatter accounts should be de activated.

  16. jon says:

    @karan i don’t think he has to admit it. he’s the manager, he picks who he believes will make the best squad. he owes no explanation. ferdinand needs to quit with the passive aggressiveness. plus, if hodgson says “purely footballing reasons”, he is right. he’s not snubbing ferdinand simply because he hates terry. he’s snubbing ferdinand because he believes ferdinand and terry cannot play football together because of the hatred. that is a football reason. if ferdinand was a winger and hated terry, he would probably be picked because a winger and centerback can avoid each other. but because they are both centerbacks and are supposed to be partners, which hodgson has determined they cannot be.

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