Snapshot: Donald Duck Battles In The Air With Duck-Billed Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Chris Wright

5th, June 2012


By Chris Wright

The cover of the latest Euro 2012-centric issue of Swedish comic book Kalle Anka – Donald Duck to you or I – is a bit of a…wait for it…quacker!

You know, in quiet moments of reflection, you sometimes get to wondering what Zlatan Ibrahimovic would look like with a duck’s beak? Well, wonder no more…

Inside comes this stunning free poster, featuring the likes of John Guidetti, Kim Kallstrom, Olof Mellberg, Andreas Isaksson, Rasmus Elm and Ola Toivonen all given similar treatment…

We simply must get our hands on a copy!

Via ITV Football

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  1. Swede&Sour says:

    Im swedish and… speechless

  2. Martin says:

    Heh, I’d totally pick one up for you guys.

    Surely that’s Elmander though (not Elm)? Eh, not that it’s important.

  3. mr mofongo says:

    there was a donald duck pocket book for the world cup 2010. donald played some kind of fifa-esque game in it. loads of stars got the disney-treatment in that one. henry, ibra, ronaldinho, pato and more were in it.
    it even included a jab at ibraduckovic (i think that was his name) for being a mercenary. i bet the guy who wrote the comic was an inter supporter

  4. Andrew says:

    Zlatun pls.

  5. Chris says:

    The headline here has to be duck-billed Zlatypus, surely.

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  7. Nuno says:

    @mr mofongo
    If Zlatan was a mercenary in that comic, it’s much more likely the author is from Juventus, they are the ones who can really complain about Zlatan (got off to Inter when they were relegated).
    Besides, I think Zlatan went to Milan only after WC2010, so Inter fans had nothing to complain about him, as selling him was their best deal ever: they got Eto’o and money to buy Sneijder and, i believe, Milito and Pandev. And got rid of a massive ego. Without that sell they certainly wouldn’t have won the CL.
    Btw, in that picture I think it would be more appropriate (realistic) to see Zlatan roundhouse kicking Donald Duck.

  8. QMario says:

    @Andrew I came to this post just to see someone say that. You did not disappoint. Anderu pls.

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