Italy And Holland Euro 2012 Squads Visit Auschwitz-Birkenau (Photos)

By Chris Wright

Having arrived in Poland ahead of their respective Euro 2012 campaigns, both the Italy and Holland squads paid a sombre visit to one of the most affecting, harrowing ‘museums’ on the face of the Earth – the preserved remains of the Nazi concentration camps at Auschwitz-Birkenau.

One look in Daniele De Rossi’s eyes tells you all you need to know about the experience…

Photos: Gregorio Borgia/AP/PA

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  1. Fernando says:

    This is ridiculous. I really can’t understand why all these football teams are visiting Auschwitz.

    If it’s to visit a Polish tourist attraction…DON’T go to Auschwitz.
    If it’s to visit part of Polish national patrimony…DON’T go to Auschwitz.
    And if it’s to provide some sort of (cheap & easily assimilable) lesson about, I don’t know, man’s inhumanity to man, WWII, anti-Semitism, or a more basic lesson in ‘humility’, then DON’T GO TO AUSCHWITZ.

    It’s completely inappropriate. If a player wants to go of his own volition because he’s interested, fair enough. But these team trips are senseless. They’re footballers, they play football. Can’t we leave it at that?!

  2. Chimpo says:

    @Fernando, entirely disagree with above

    Half of these guys don’t know how lucky they are that they are born with some sort of birthright to be rich.

  3. plops says:

    You don’t go to a museum in a tracksuit. Italy 0 – 1 Holland.

  4. Eeny says:

    Maybe the water park was closed that day.

  5. Toz says:

    I hope they realise that their’s more to Poland than Nazi Concentration Camps.

    I do think it’s important to visit the museum, but the way it’s shown, the majority of all tourists only go to Poland to see the crimes committed by the Nazi’s, and let’s be honest; if you want to see crimes committed by Nazi’s; it’s best to go to Germany. The birthplace of Nazism.

  6. PumaYaYa says:

    Why do they have to all dress the same? It’s so stupid.

  7. Wesley says:

    They all dress the same so that they don’t have to carry a large suitcase to the airport. The football association arranges everything. A toothbrush and some underpanties are enough, along with the ipad, dre beats, rolex and raybans.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hope that guy with the headphones is listening to an audio tour or something, otherwise it’s very disrespectful.

  9. LCFC says:

    They can’t even visit a sombre, hugely important place like this without taking their headphones off. At least pretend to give a shit.

    • Chris says:

      @LCFC: In fairness, they’re the headphones you’re given for the translation of the guided tour – not Dre Beats.

  10. David Macbeth says:


    They are quite obviously audio guides! Notice the little tape player type thingy hanging from the orange straps and that everybody’s headphones are identical.

  11. Benjamin says:

    I think it is a show of respect towards a part of the European history that isn’t filled with wonderful footballing stories. The Dutch also visited a township in South-Africa 2 years ago. As a Dutch Tv-pundit put it: It’s a part of your civil education to learn about it and visit it if possible.

    I’ve never been there myself but I would certainly visit if I ever have the opportunity.

  12. Qq says:

    From all the places you can go to in Poland, why there? Why go to a depressing place before a big tournament ? I dont get it..

  13. Andrew says:

    @ PumaYaYa… Hahaha I got it. Funny :)

  14. lisa says:

    i suspect it means more to the host nation they are doing this, than anything else they will go to see. this type of respect and pilgrimage delineates the difference between representing your nation and playing for a club.

  15. Ohh my god says:

    OMG, i have been there. so that means i have been where these bad ass mofo’s have been. I’am awesome!

  16. D3 says:

    I think it’s a good thing that players representing their respective nations are visiting this site and paying their respects to the millions of innocent people murdered in camps like these. Perhaps seing how poorly people were treated will put the footballer’s life on a hundred k a week in better perspective.

    Whether or not the players come away with something other than a depressing experience is another thing altogether

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