Dani Alves: ‘Brazil Almost Invincible’

Ollie Irish

4th, March 2010


By Ollie Irish


You can’t touch this

Dani Alves was in confident mood after Brazil’s 2-0 defeat of Ireland on Tuesday.

“When Brazil play like they did in the last 20 minutes against Ireland, we are almost invincible,” he said.

Invincible alone would have been a more impressive boast. Almost invincible, less so but still pretty damn cocky.

“The truth is when we succeed playing the ball, which is what makes everyone of us happy, in the end we enjoy it so much,” Alves continued.

“The strength of the Brazil national team is the speed and the way we move the ball. We are all very happy and confident. We want to win the World Cup so much.

“In the Brazil national team we have the best of the best.”

The best of the best, eh? Translation: I’m amazing (he is, to be fair) and even I can’t get in the starting XI.

A scary thought for all Brazil’s opponents.