David Beckham Can Be England’s World Cup Mascot

Ollie Irish

16th, March 2010


By Ollie Irish

“Wazza, I always wanted to meet you.”

Poor wee Becks won’t be playing in the World Cup this summer, but he will still get to hang around the England camp as a guest of Fabio Capello.

According to the Sun, F-Cap has told Becks he’s welcome to hang out in England’s World Cup camp, presumably as a good-luck mascot.

I’m not a big fan of letting such a big tabloid target as Beckham get in the way of England’s business, and I’m sure Capello wouldn’t want Beckham’s presence to become anything like a circus. Let’s hope it’s a one-day invite, rather than a “Bring your flip flops, towel and sun cream” sort of invite.

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  1. Squelch says:

    Well if Carlton Cole can be a mascot I’m sure we can let Becks be one too.

  2. james says:

    gotta be a scottish cunt who wrote the article.see ya in souh africa jock…oh whoops,no i wont.ha ha ha ha ha ha

  3. james says:

    what have hiroshima and edinburgh got in common-nothing,,,,yet!

  4. hello!! says:


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