France Football Federation Suspends Entire World Cup Squad – Laurent Blanc Makes His Mark

Ollie Irish

24th, July 2010


By Ollie Irish

The French Football Federation has suspended all 23 players of France’s 2010 World Cup squad for their next game (a friendly vs Norway in Oslo next month) at the request of new head coach Laurent Blanc. Way to make your mark, Laurent.

“I followed the events with sadness, I was disappointed with the sporting results and I was shocked by certain behaviours,” said Blanc, wagging his finger and shaking his head as he spoke (probably).

“I will integrate these elements into my analysis and my thoughts. I always had the principles, rules of conduct and not just in my sporting life. They have not changed and I will not change.”

Laurent Blanc: don’t make him angry – he will drop your ass faster than you can go on strike

This is a very good thing, but I wish Blanc had chosen a competitive match, rather than a friendly, which most of the French players will be happy to watch on TV, if it all.