Capello Axes Beckham, Fails To Actually Tell Him

Ollie Irish

12th, August 2010


By Ollie Irish

Feel the warmth

More proof of Fabio Capello’s inability to form a meaningful relationship with anything but expensive artwork comes via his admission that he ended David Beckham’s international career, in effect, but without bothering to tell Beckham before he announced it to the world. A bit like when he really wanted that nice young ginger fella to end his England exile, so much so that he got his assistant to make the call, with hardly any time for Scholes to make the call.

Capello said: “I hope when David is okay he can play here the last game at Wembley in a friendly to say goodbye and thank you very much to the crowd.

“I won’t be picking him for any more competitive matches.”

Blunt as ever from the Italian. He went on:

“David is a fantastic player, he was really important, but we have to see the new players for the future because the age is important for a lot of people, not only for David.

“Did I phone him before I went on television? No. I think I will speak with him. We tried to speak with him.

“But I think David knows he has no future with the international team because we have to change. We tried to speak with him.”

And Beckham is one of the players with a supposed good relationship with Capello!? Wow. The Italian is just like the scary father in ‘Shine’.

Incidentally, it’s totally the right decision to ditch Beckham, 35, and most of that Golden Generation – but don’t ‘tell’ Beckham he has ‘no future’ before you actually get around to telling him in person.

As Steven Gerrard says, Beckham is a fighter and won’t take this lying down. England’s captain said: “I’m sure that if he hears that news, it’ll drive him on and he’ll try to prove people wrong and try to get back in the set-up because I know he loves playing for England.”

Do you think Beckham will ever play for England again (in a competitive match, not a friendly hurrah?)

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  1. B21Sheep says:

    Sad news for English Football…

  2. Luke says:

    I would love to vote yes but that stone faced Italian didn’t look like he was indecisive.

  3. Bluebybirth says:

    im getting tired of these cappelo & england fuck ups!get rid of the fucking sod, inform rooney the way he’s been playing wouldnt get him on the bench for the qualifiers, and get our “heroes” lampard, gerrard, barry etc out of their lovely mansions and tell them to think about the glory of their fucking country!!

  4. Unhappy says:

    Dear Mr. Capello,

    Look here sunshine. Beckham has done more for the England football team than you ever have or, ever will. So why don’t you just sod off and let someone else have a go.

    My vote goes to: HARRY REDKNAPP !

    …and I ain’t no spurs fan either.

  5. R-Hops says:

    Beckham could easily play for England again. I think its shocking how a manager can effectively terminate an international career, which has spanning around 12-13 years (?) with checking with Beckham first! Unbelievable. And I’m Welsh, we’ve got Toshack to deal with! He seems likeable compared to Capello at times..

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