John Terry Reinstated As Permanent England Captain

Chris Wright

20th, March 2011


By Chris Wright

After a week of faffing, the FA and Fabio Capello have announced this evening that John Terry has been reinstated as the England captain on a permanent basis.

Capello told a media conference:

“After one year of punishment, Terry will again be the permanent captain. I think one year’s punishment is enough.

“When John played without the armband, every time he was a leader on the pitch, a leader in the dressing room –  he was really good every time.

“Always he is the same. He is a player that is himself a leader. This is really important. He is the biggest personality in the dressing room.

“Sometimes the leader can make mistakes – not only him but I, you, all the people. It is not a risk making Terry captain again. He understood the mistake and he learnt from his mistakes.

“He will be a very important captain for us because when I choose him, I know he is a leader. I also think the players will be happy. I think so. They respect John Terry as a leader, absolutely.”

Capello also confirmed that he intended to meet usurped skipper Rio Ferdinand at Old Trafford last Wednesday in order to take him through the decision personally, but that Ferdinand made it clear he ‘preferred not to meet him’.

As for ol’ Teflon John, looks like he’s come up smelling of roses…again.


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  1. Elliott says:

    I am so glad that John Terry’s honor has been restored. His wise decision to start paying hush money to mistresses really reflects a newfound maturity and acceptance of the world and the weight of celebritydom

  2. The Yank says:

    This shows weakness in Capello and England. He was stripped of the captaincy for a reason and that reason hasn’t suddenly vanished after a year. If Capello can’t stick to his convictions, he’ll never be successful. With this move, he’s ruined his credibility, and totally disrespected Ferdinand. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rio retires from international duty after this kind of treatment. John Terry does not deserve the armband and his reinstatement as captain has crippled England more than any foundation Terry’s captaincy can offer. Poor move by Capello. If England do anything less than make it to the quarterfinals in the upcoming Euros, he’ll be looking for another job.

  3. @ The Yank, agreed…and I just hope he does not sleep with any WAGs of his team mates

  4. bluesword says:

    i think JT realised the error of his ways over the year, and all that drama really didn’t help the world cup performance. The England squad seems pretty depleted with all these injuries there didn’t seem to be any other good match.
    @ The yank,
    i agree capello will leave if we don’t make it to the quarters-which shouldn’t be too much of a surprise if it happens but i don’t think JT holding the arm band is going to make a difference.
    I’m at a neutral point with JT and the armband, don’t really care to be honest

  5. luca says:

    Rio is crocked for life. Why would Capello stick with a captain who’s rarely available? I’m sure he’s tired of rotating the armband around.

  6. notagolfer says:

    from both the daily mail & notw following a lawsuit that they lost (cos a lot of people seem to have missed it):

    “On January 31, we published some personal information about Vanessa Perroncel concerning an alleged affair with the footballer John Terry. We have since been informed she would have preferred this to remain private and it was UNTRUE in any case. We apologise to Miss Perroncel for any distress caused.”

    justice has been done. but the mud has stuck anyway.

  7. Rich says:

    Capello shouldn’t have dropped terry in the first place, though he’s shown weakness by calling him back so if i were rio i’d quit until the next manager

    but thats just me
    (without twitter publication ahbrahim yall, people can have opinions w/o having to advertise a f***ing twitter)

  8. Riley says:

    Honestly, who cares? Terry is captain, Ferdinand is captain… does it matter? England will continue to be shit and won’t win anything for the foreseeable future, so I can’t really be bothered to feign interest in them.

  9. fergusonA lanjiau says:

    capello really disgrace man with no respect! fuck off you ugly italian with no pride! john terry will fuck ferdinand’s wife…beware rio, lock your wife! the beast terry is coming to your home!

  10. john parry says:

    whats all the fuss about as riley says. strip jt of the job fine if he broke the code. i know what will be a good idea let give the job to a drug cheat,maybe cappo has just found out. ferdy boy was due to meet cappo on wed but he forgot.

  11. sukrut says:

    so whos wife is he gonna fuck

  12. TravisKOP says:

    crapello’s age is ending

  13. john parry says:

    you had better hope its not yours

  14. barry says:

    i love how the press just glossed over their apology for running the story in the first place. i have no problem with JT as captain why have a captain who is never even match fit? also, it seems the whole england team started to fall apart when he was stripped of it in the first place.

  15. stuart says:

    Cappello is quitting after Euro 2012 regardless.

  16. The Yank says:

    @ notagolfer

    If the story was untrue, Capello wouldn’t have stripped Terry of the captaincy and Wayne Bridge would’ve shook Terry’s hand. That’s why nobody paid attention to the apology because the apology was clearly there just to save face. Of course Perroncel wanted it to remain a secret because she didn’t want the whole world to know she’s a whore.

  17. Dolares says:

    Hopefully he doesn’t understand it as license to once again sleep with teammates’ WAGs. Unfortunately, he is a sleazy bastard, and has definitely learnt nothing.

  18. ceezer says:

    Finally someone came to their senses. John Terry is the only real leader on the squad. Who is Wayne Bridge anyway?

  19. Tom Jones says:

    John Terry is not a good captain. He is a racist thug.

  20. Vans says:

    Terry is obviously the best option and should have been captain for the world cup. The media ruined this for him, screwed the team. Then the media screwed englands world cup bid. How stupid are these people, they would rather a good story at the risk of disrupting their natioanl team and a chance at the world cup!!

  21. syndex says:

    Looking at it from a playing side we are now saddled with one of the most paceless defenders in the prem as a fixture of the back line. As much as sky can continually talk about his lionhearted qualities his recent lack of concentration and guile has been costing chelsea and england. As much as I hate gerrard (sorry everton fan) surely he is the natural choice, if not him lampard someone who is good enough to play for england not a washed up has been who has been living on reputation for the last two years.
    bile cleared rant over

  22. Raz says:

    Vidic should be captain

  23. Nicko says:

    Does anyone actually believe the performance’s vary on who the captain is?

    England will carry on underperforming regardless.

    Capello is a bit of dick to be honest.

  24. Chris also says:

    A team needs a leader who is inspirational but first and foremost this should start at the top. Capello inspires nothing in this “team”. He obviously has no idea how to handle a group of self-absorbed superstars who throughout most of the year cannot stand each other. England will get nowhere until they find a Mourinho who can dig into the psychology of the group and actually make them a team.

  25. lyricm9 says:

    well its about damn time

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