QPR New Boy Luke Young Whinges About Capello And England

Alan Duffy

8th, September 2011


By Alan Duffy

Paul Ince has a point! (about England players having questionable attitudes, that is.)

QPR’s new full-back Luke Young has spoken about his decision to retire from international football in 2009, pointing the finger at Fabio Capello in the process.

“Players would drop out and then I would get the call (to play)  two days later than everyone else,” he blubs. “If I’d been treated better, would I have stuck at it? Yes.”

It gets worse for poor Lukey Wukey: “One time I was having dinner with my family on the Tuesday and they were flying out on the Wednesday morning and Ashley Cole pulled out and they asked me to go out to Doha, ” he explains. ” That was the time when I felt – ‘Do I need this any more?’

And finally, he says: “Stephen Warnock went all the way out there, sat on the bench, didn’t get on and that probably would have happened to me again. It would have been the fourth, fifth, sixth time of that happening. I just felt a little bit disheartened that I wasn’t really being taken seriously for the position.”

Maybe it’s just me, but shouldn’t players be honoured even to sit on the bench for their country? With footballers at the top level making so much money from the game, surely representing your country, be it on the pitch or on the bench, is a way of giving something back? Even older players such as Paul Scholes – should they really choose when to retire?

Anyway, Young is nothing more than an average player anyway so the Three Lions are better off without him.


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  1. engerland_supporter says:

    Wow, I understand that it should be a privilege to play for country, but it’s up to Young to decide if he wants to play or not. This article is absolute, 24-carat b.s. Capello’s a fascist, still some little 2@s like this Alan Duffy stick to his cause just because of chauvisnism. Bast*rd.

  2. Will says:

    Do you understand what chauvinism means? Coz I’m not sure how you can apply it to this article

  3. unitedFixation says:

    Its easy to take the high road. Only the person who wears the shoe knows where it pinches. Not that I like him or support him in his decision, Id simply say its his opin

  4. wolfinho says:

    you can’t be an england supporter and be okay with players bitching about having a chance to represent their country! maybe he doesn’t get on the pitch, maybe it’s a hassle, and maybe, just MAYBE, he works harder at his game to improve his standing within the national ranks. it’s called motivation, something the english national team seem to seriously lack nowadays.

  5. babo says:

    not everyone is a massive patriot. there is nothing wrong with not being bothered about playing for your country. if they are going to mess you around, then too right.

    having said that, luke young is a little bit average.

  6. Chris says:

    I love the idea that he “retired”. As if he’d be anywhere near the team but for injuries and withdrawals.

    It’s cute that he believes his opinion matters on anything.

  7. Muppetfinder General says:

    It is you.

    Unless you’ve flown halfway round the world, ran around in humidity and altitude training, then sat on a bench for three days, missing your little daughter’s birthday and flown all the way back simply to pen this article in the knowledge it won’t be published and you won’t be published next time you do it, either.

  8. Alan says:

    Defoe did this to me on Football Manager. He never played for England again.

  9. __wowza says:

    what he ^ said.
    “you should be honoured to play for your country”, i get that, but where does it end? “you should be honoured to sit on the bench”? “you should be honoured to be a healthy scratch”? balls.

  10. Charlie Adam says:

    By the end of the article I can’t tell who’s the one blubbing more.

  11. swiss mafia says:

    Exactly, it is up to Young to decide if he should play or not for his national team! And to my Knowledge, HE WAS! you cant just choose to play for England and go when you please, that is utter BS. If you get chosen, you should go. Full Stop. The article and Ince are correct, people don’t acknowledge the prestige and fortune to play for England anymore. Its a damn shame.

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