Euro 2012 Play-Off Snapshot: Robbie Keane Celebrates With Super Pizazzy Super Fabulous Jazz Hands!

Chris Wright

11th, November 2011


By Chris Wright

We’ll have more photos and highlights tomorrow, but Ireland have stuck four unanswered goals past nine-man Estonia in Talinn thus, barring complete catastrophe (let’s not rule it out just yet!), you’d think will be enough to ferry them through to Polkraine in the return leg next Tuesday.

Adding to earlier goals from Keith Andrews and Jon Walters, Robbie Keane wrapping up proceedings with a late brace – the first of which he celebrated like an understudy cast member from a particularly fabulous production of Westside Story…

“Jazz hands!!”

For the record, as well as being the British Isle’s all-time top international goalscorer, Keane has now scored 17 times in European Championship qualifiers – just two goals shy of the record held jointly by Turkey’s Hakan Sukur and Denmark’s Jon Dahl Tomasson.

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  1. mikedamone says:

    It’s the sort of pose I’d expect to see in a tampon advert.

    Also I think jazz hands require the movement of fingers in a sequential fashion kind of like you’re playing a piano.

    I’m realizing now that I shouldn’t expose the fact that I know this to the outside world but I’ll post it anyway…

  2. MessiBalls says:

    Ha ha ha ha classic. The first pic is quality. Great shot, any chance of painting him up Al Jolson style?

    Great win for the boys in green, one foot in the euro’s.

    Can’t wait for the Euro’s

  3. Tom Jones says:

    Robbie Keane is a diving whiner.

  4. Ryan says:

    Must be hitting some dance classes in LA

  5. […] Baring the unthinkable when these two teams meet again in Dublin on Tuesday, Ireland has qualified for the Euro 2012. After getting cheated out of their World Cup 2010 bid by the fackin’ Frenchies, this is a sweet and fabulous result. The 4 precious road goals give Ireland a nigh insurmountable lead. No wonder Robbie Keane, who scored a brace, is as happy as a little girl. […]

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