Snapshot: Lukas Podolski Looks A Right Wally At Cologne Carnival

Chris Wright

22nd, February 2012


By Chris Wright

Hands up, I have no idea what’s going on here, but it looks like Pods may have misread the memo and turned up at Cologne Carnival as Napoleon’s colour-blind brother…

Photo: Kickette

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  1. Eckpfosten says:

    Well, Podolski is also called “Prince Poldi” in Germany and because Cologne is one of the centres of German Carnival he is of course costumed as a Carnival Prince. And yes, you are absolutely right, the costume is a mockery of soldier uniforms of the time around the Napolean era (is ist written this way?), because at the beginning of german carneval making fun of the authority and military discipline is the reason for the typical costumes the actors on the streets are still showing these days.

  2. werderbremen_rulez says:

    eckpfosten explains it all quite nicely, but he forgot to mention that poldi looks simply amazeballs in that oufit ;)

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