Shit Kits: Reggina Calcio Wear Strip Emblazoned With Fake ‘Ancient Greek Statue’ Torsos

Chris Wright

20th, April 2012


By Chris Wright

Just take a butcher’s at this eyesore would ya?


Specially produced for their recent ‘Reggio di Calabria’ derby game against sworn enemies Crotone, Serie B side Reggina Calcio hoped that a shirt designed to look like the chiselled, weather-worn torso of an Ancient Greek statue would strike the fear of the Gods into their local rivals (the goalkeeper’s similarly Adonis-esque jersey is on the right in the second image). It resoundingly failed to do so.

Despite the kit representing ‘the pride of the land’ being etched onto the Reginna players’ skin, the game ended in a dull 1-1 draw. Reggina also had two men sent off, presumably for attempting to smite their opponents down with plagues, boils and the like.

(Via Reggina Calcio, thanks to Pies fan @r_shauss for the tip-off)

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