Umbro Unleash Gorgeous ‘St George Collection’ For England’s EURO 2012 Foray (Photos)

Chris Wright

23rd, April 2012


By Chris Wright

Pies’ pals over at Umbro – England’s official kit suppliers – have, for some unbeknown reason, chosen today to roll out their new ‘St George Collection’, i.e, the classy new boots and what-not that the England players will be toting at EURO 2012 this summer.

Lifting the theme from the current England home kit, Umbro have applied a red and white ‘St George’ colourway to their three elite boot lines; the Speciali, the Geometra and the GT – which will be worn uponst the dainty footsies of all the Umbro players who make the final cut of England’s Polkraine squad.

First up, here’s those boots…

England’s new Wembley matchball and Joe Hart’s new Geometra gloves…

Umbro’s new line of top-banana leather luggage…

Gorgeous, every last bit of it. The boys over in the Umbro design department really are rocking my skidoodle at the moment. Love it.

The full St George Collection (including new jackets and polo shirts) will be available from May 4th over at

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  1. Degs says:

    Darren Bent is really enjoying himself!

  2. az says:

    It makes them look fat

  3. Davy says:

    Kyle Walker looks fuckin weird

  4. Milkchew says:

    England kits = Yawn

    Mash it up a bit and do it like the Inter away kit a few years back so we can offend the Turks.

  5. nicko says:

    That is pant-wettingly shite. Umbro make crap kits.

  6. Graham says:

    I share your affection for Umbro, Chris. The kits are classy, and I love Umbro boots, although the stripes on the heel are a bit odd.

  7. QMario says:

    Awkward poses anyone? I wonder if Umbro find it awkward that Rooney and Welbeck came to the shoot with their T90’s

  8. SL says:

    Has Ashley Young flung himself off screen?

    Umbro are nasty, although the kit is decent by their standards, the boots look awful but at least they arent as bad as nike.

  9. Mr Sensible says:

    I’m sure when I was a kid you got bullied if you wore Umbro boots. Unless you’re actually being sponsored and paid to wear Umbro boots why would you?

    Adidas World Cups any day.

  10. Kyle says:

    QMario: That’s doubtful, considering that Nike own Umbro. You really think they would stand for them wearing a competitor’s boots?

  11. Wade says:

    As to why Umbro’s rolling out the kit today, it’s the feast day/saint’s day of St. George, England’s (and Catalonia and Georgia, amongst others). Just saying.

  12. Phiwe says:

    @Mr Sensible: Haha, it still happens. No one buys Umbro boots and I certainly wouldn’t buy this kit. Adidas (Germany’s green kit is insane) and Nike (France and Netherlands) come out tops.

  13. Bear says:

    FYI: they released it today because it is the feast day of St. George.

  14. Davy says:

    @ Wade & Bear…..I think Chris was being sarcastic!!

  15. Milkchew says:

    Like that they have stepped away from the blue, damn dirty scots.

  16. Mr. Sparkle says:

    Looks exactly like the last three sets of kits.

    The red shorts are a homage to the fact that they’re playing at the Euro and this is the exact same kit as one of the host countries? Albeit darker red than Poland.

  17. Joe says:

    If we’re going to try to be less shit by pretending to be another country, couldn’t we have gone with someone more succesful than Switzerland or Poland to copy our designs from? Like Spain or Holland perhaps?

  18. Mr. Sparkle says:


    They did try the Brazilian colours, and they were a flop.

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