Arsenal Roll Out New 2012/13 Home Strip – The One With The Navy Cuffs (Photos)

By Chris Wright

The new Arsenal kit for 2012/13 has been launched this morning. Here’s wee Theo Walcott decked out in his new work clothes.

What about those cuffs, eh?

We gots loads more photos this-a-way – the accompanying goalkeeper jersey is definitely one you’ll want to see. ‘Very green’ doesn’t really do it justice.

Kit (and detail shots)…


Picture 1 of 7

Nike 2013 Arsenal Home Kit

N98 Jacket…


Picture 1 of 3

Nike 2013 Arsenal Jacket

Well, it ain’t half as bad as we thought it was going to be, but those big, blocky navy cuffs just blow it for us. Apparently they’re a nod back to Herbert Champman’s legendary innovation into ‘maximising player visibility’. Hmmm.

What sayeth thou Pies fans? Yay or nay?

The Arsenal Home Kit for 2012/13 is available at from 7th May (today).

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  1. akinikic730 says:

    something new for a change…..

  2. bear says:

    Was sceptical at first, but seeing it now I’m rather impressed. The long sleeve shirt, modelled by Arteta over on the site, looks amazing.

  3. Your mom says:

    Arsenal is definitely a french team (bleu, blanc, rouge)!!

  4. Haukji says:

    oh crap, does this mean the hideous United shirt is actually real too?

    • Chris says:

      @Haukji: We’ve got it on fairly good authority that the ‘picnic blanket’ shirt that has been circulated is pretty much the finished article.

  5. West End Blues says:

    This is really tacky, the sleeves completely ruin it. If the utd kit is real then nike have had two big shockers here. Shame really, I really like both their current kits.

  6. West End Blues says:

    This is really tacky, the sleeves completely ruin it. If the utd kit is real then nike have had two big shockers here. Shame really, I like both their current kits.

  7. Butty says:

    The new kits for Arsenal and United will prove what a bad decision it was by City to change to Nike, in the aesthetics department at least

  8. Michael says:


    We didn’t change to Nike??

    Umbro still makes our kits. Since the early 90’s.

  9. Michael says:

    By the way, the order of the colours makes the kit look like the Holland flag. Another jab at RVP?

  10. usrick says:

    Emphatic nay.

  11. Grant says:

    What I don’t get is why the cuffs are red white blue on the shirt, but white red blue on the anthem jacket. Surely consistency would make the whole range look better?

  12. QMario says:

    Still can’t decide whether i like it or not.
    OH WELL, gonna get mine with Podolski on the back anyways!

  13. Phiwe says:

    So United are going to play in dishcloths then?

  14. Dice says:

    is nike trying to make the ugliest kits possible or is that just me?

  15. STFC says:

    nike are having a shocker

  16. wordlywisdom says:

    I think, goal keeper’s jersey is supposed to be camoflauge. Szczesny lying hidden on the Emirates green and suddenly pouncing on the ball just before it can go in

  17. mario says:

    whats more important juve winning the scudetto yesterday or new colors on a jersey
    i am addicted to this site nothing but great stuff i have been promoting it for a long time now
    but it would be nice to see something on juve though

  18. yolo says:

    well its better than on the doll, but still kind of custy compared to arsenal’s current kit which is beautiful.
    i just hope the picnic table for united is a cruel joke…still better than barcelona’s, it reminds me of those early 90’s gipsy flea-market shirts that you could stumble upon in eastern europe

  19. Teddy Ballgame says:

    I love this website and frequent it daily, but I feel the need to say that reloading the page every time I want to see the next image is a wee bit laborious.

  20. Louis says:

    Guess they’re putting the Dutch flag on the sleeves to try and get RVP to stay

  21. Butty says:

    @Mike: Umbro currently make the City kits, but they’ve signed a 6 year deal with Nike after next season

  22. Shirker says:

    Dont know why in malaysia the hideous man utd and barça jersey is worn by at least 5 people that I saw

  23. SAFCfan says:

    Nike owns Umbro so its not much of a difference

  24. Patrick says:

    They did not, in the parlance of our times, make it work.

  25. Toz says:

    @Mario: Why would anyone care about Juve winning another scudetto. Did they cheat again to do it?

    Personally, couldn’t care a whole lot about the Serie A. Their’s a serious lack of competition in the league. The top three are light years ahead of the next decent club; Roma or Lazio.

  26. jo says:

    unfortunately the fears of all us utd fans have been realised – there’s a sneak peek of the new checked kit on their facebook page. there’s a good concept behind it, but it remains a dishcloth lookalike. i has a sad

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