New Man City 2012/13 Home & Away Kits Leaked – No Alarms, No Surprises (Photos)

By Chris Wright

We have it on fairly good authority that these are the shirts that Manchester City are going to set about defending their Premier League title in next season – the home strip being predominantly two-tone, in sky blue (though a duller shade than previous) and black while the vintage-style away strip is burgundy in a nod to the shirt worn by City in the 1956 FA Cup Final and sadly not the classy maroon affair from 1989/90…


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Man City 2012/13 Home Shirt - Leaked Photo

Yep, we like. We’re not overly blown away by them, but it looks like City have got themselves a pair of fairly classy (if a little plain) shirts to play in next season – which is more than you can say for the poor sods over at Barcelona.

It’s a solid 6/10 from Pies. What’s the verdict folks?


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  1. Citeh says:

    The black and white logo is painful… at least chance the white part to match the blue of the kit or something :( I hope this isn’t real

  2. hal says:

    thought they were gona be sponsored my nike next season

  3. Robert West says:

    I like it, quite clean and simple. Better then the Gingham trend across the city.

  4. axa says:

    wait didn’t they sign a contract with nike about the kits

  5. Adil says:

    I like the away kit colour :)

  6. your mom says:

    Any photos with players wearing it?

    Will look better !

  7. McRillen says:

    Could have been a great shirt if it was not for the black crest.

  8. Toz says:

    Not too shabby, I’d say more of a seven than a six; especially when compared to that turd that floated up from Old Trafford.

    For my money, their away is splendid.

  9. Kathies says:

    That’s all fine and well, but I won’t believe till I see the Balotelli version; it’s impossible to contain him in something so plain.

  10. ameen says:

    its alright but they could change the colour

  11. tractorsam says:

    nike is umbro…sold for £285 million 5 years ago

  12. Steve W says:

    After our amazing season I was hoping for something a bit more ostentatious and imaginative to acknowledge that so I am very disappointed with this home shirt. What’s with this gloomy design?, blackened badge, black collar…depressing and possibly the dullest design we’ve had for a long time. The away shirts just about okay but nothing flash either.

  13. chris says:

    Suprised no one’s mentioned the obvious rip off changing both kits, casual wear and training gear etc. 2 years in a row. Wow the blue half are learning quickly..lmao

  14. Gert says:

    FAKE Kits !!!

  15. James says:

    This is not the kit of the Premiership Champions. It’s seriously lacking in creativity. I quite like the use of black but it needs something else — gold trim perhaps? They look as though they’ve been designed in the 94th minute and if this is Umbro’s swan song before Nike take over, then I can’t wait to see the whoosh on our shirts. 5/10 in my opinion. Average at best.

  16. aidan mcfc says:

    the more i look at it the more i fall in love with it :) better looking than the scum man united :)

  17. raze says:

    What’s wrong with umbro, man? I saw some euro’s participant kit from umbro recently, and they are all crap, but England. Altough I like the kit material from umbro much better than nike (as that’s recycled trash!).

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