Germany, Holland, Italy, France And Spain (Among Others) Euro 2012 Kits Will Poison Your Children

Chris Wright

7th, June 2012


By Chris Wright

Apologies for the ever-so-slightly over-egged headline, but this is some serious ju-ju. The Telegraph are reporting that SCIENTIFIC STUDIES carried out by the BEUC (Europe’s consumer watchdog) have shown that the Spain, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, France, Italy, Portugal and Holland Euro 2012 kits contain ‘worrying’ levels of potentially poisonous metals, compounds and ‘chemical cocktails’.

Lead was found in the strips of six of the countries – Spain, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, France and Italy – with Spain and Germany’s lead levels ‘exceeding the legal level for children’s products’. The Portugal and Holland shirts were also found to contain nickel – which, if eaten continuously morning, noon and night for a week or so, can give you a really poorly tum tum.

Another chemical, nonylphenol, which is banned from waste water because of its harmful effect on the environment, was apparently detected in the Spain and Italy shirts.

A BEUC statement said:

“Host country Poland’s shirt should be banned outright from shops as it contains an organotin compound, used to prevent sweat odour, in higher doses than the legal limit. Organotin can be toxic to the nervous system.

“Football fans pay up to €90 (£73) for the shirt of their favourite team. The least they should expect is to have a quality and safe product.”

Got that? Nothing is safe. Not even the shirt on your back. Suddenly, Pies’ ‘cut-out-and-keep’ Euro 2012 kit guide is starting to look like the cupboard under Harold Shipman’s sink.