Man City 2012/13 Home And Away Kits – Lovely, Lovely Retro Loveliness (Photos)

By Chris Wright

We first saw Noel Gallagher and Vincent Kompany togged up in it yesterday, but here’s a cavalcade of photos of the new Man City kits for 2012/13 – both home and away – for you to peruse at your leisure courtesy of our pals over at Umbro.

Home strip (click on image to scroll)…

Away strip…

Noel and Vinny…

Uncluttered, understated, classy and with a healthy tinge of ‘retro’ styling. Hands up, we’re loving what Umbro are doing with their kits at the moment. That maroon away strip looks like something out of the Bukta ’85/86 catalogue, which is definitely a good thing in our book.

Are we liking what we see Pies fans? Yay or nay?

Should you want to get your hands on one, the new Man City kits go on sale on July 14th, though they’re available to pre-order from from July 7th (this Saturday).

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  1. Brian K says:

    Simply and classy. Very fine kits indeed.

  2. TheBelgianBrady says:

    Umbro have brilliant kits these days: look at the new Athletic Bilbao and Lille ones. Keep at it, lads.

    Apart from Joe Hart’s pyjamas. Those were hideous.

  3. Flyer says:

    Nasty, I wish umbro would stop milking the retro kits, theyve done them for at least 5 years now.

    I cant recall the last umbro kit I liked, they are either really nasty or a normal pub team style kit.

  4. plops says:

    I’m liking the new gallery scroll thingy! Thumbs up. I still have to put my details in every time though :(

    • Chris says:

      @plops: Glad you like. Sadly, we can only use this gallery with certain photos though. The ‘details’ thing is a server issue. We’re trying to sort it, but it’s not happening at the moment.

  5. James says:

    Top marks to Umbro and Citeh.

  6. Dom says:

    Always had the impression of Umbro kits as being outdated, however they have created two very nice kits here, I think the colours play a key part in the design.Perhaps hope for a good looking England kit?

  7. C says:

    Nice, classy kits.

    I have no problems with the details thingy, I only have to enter a C anyway :)
    I can live with having to type that every time.

  8. PumaYaYa says:

    Kompany’s giant head just can’t fully make it into the picture…

    Feel like listening to some Oasis now…

  9. dc says:

    that away kit is a piece of art… i wish barcelona could get this kind of love and affection from nike instead of a shit psg rip off

  10. Sjakie Meulemans says:

    Finishing the partnership with City in style…well done, love it.

  11. JuanosDios says:

    First they raid Arsenal for half their squad, now they blatantly rip off Arsenal’s best away kit in recent memory, the Highbury anniversary ones from a few years back. While they don’t lack in funds, City certainly lack in originality.

  12. Mr Sensible says:

    Im not sure about the Littlewoods style photos.

  13. 'Sota Dan says:

    Closed Circuit to Noel:

    1. Is that my high school’s class ring, Noel?
    2. Noel, the Wonder Twins powers only activate with two rings. P.S. You can be the bucket of water, and I will be the giant eagle.

  14. johnnyauto says:

    Who is this Noel Gallagher, and what club did he play for before signing to City?

  15. Toz says:


    Shut up, you obviously prefer the shit kits they used to make in 1994 with retarded shadow designs.

  16. ae says:

    Lovely !

    Too bad Nike takes over next year. Even though they’re the same company, the style is very different.

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