Snapshot: Both Of These Men Are Football Club Presidents…

Chris Wright

8th, August 2012


By Chris Wright

Both of these dapper gents are football club presidents…

The two club’s are Rapid Vienna and Vojvodina if you were wondering (seen shaking hands after the ‘fake whistle’ debacle last week).

We’ll let you decide which president is which!

(Image: Ultras Rapid)

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  1. Marko says:

    The Vojvodina president, Ratko Butorović is a pretty huge idiot. Also, suspected of having significant ties to the mafia in Montenegro.

    But more importantly, what sort of old man dresses like that…seriously!

  2. Lukass says:

    Yes, this is Ratko Butorović, nicknamed ‘Bata Kan-Kan’, owner of Vojvodina, he is quite a colourful character, as you may imagine, and this is certainly not his worst outfit worn at a football match, believe it or not…

  3. barf says:

    I think Bata Kan-Kan and Corny Littmann (ex St Pauli President) could give each other a run for their money.,1020,757411,00.jpg

    This is one of many possible examples! Eccentric chairman article anyone?

    Bring out Sam Hammam, Al Fayed, et al.

  4. Post Monkey says:

    It’s Jimmy Saville & he’s running a football club – Jingle Jangle

  5. kelti says:

    actually the left one is not the president of rapid. he’s the announcer in the stadium…

  6. Sebastián says:

    I am from Colombia. For work reasons i go to airports a lot and that kind of outfit is something i see a lot there. Many men that come here in flights from the US dress like that no matter their age, believe it or not. Pathetic.

  7. johhny says:

    ratko butorovic died yesterday morning, just so you know.
    a lot of fun we had with him.

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