Arsenal Fans Begin Burning Robin Van Persie Shirts – Sadly Inevitable (Videos)

Chris Wright

16th, August 2012


By Chris Wright

Arsenal selling on their fourth captain in seven years was always going to create friction, but this kind of thoughtlessly provocative, sadly inevitable posturing really is beyond the pale. Burning effigies? Come on. ‘Judas scum’? Grow up you spoiled pricks.

It’s just stupid, grievous pantomime from am-drammers who haven’t the first idea what they’re angry about…

For a few, hopefully calming thoughts on the matter, I’d refer you to this.

Videos: 101GG

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  1. One England Captain says:

    You burnt your own shirts, you burnt your own shirts! you fucking wankers you burnt your own shirts! Tee-Hee

    thought that would be one forever saved for the scousers, don’t even remember them buring Ashley Cole shirts when he left.

    Anyway wouldn’t they be better off burning UTD shirts with his name on them rather than buring Arsenal badges, which if they are such massive fans should be considered sacrilege.

  2. Ross says:

    Although RVP has been injured throughout a lot of his Arsenal career he single handedly kept them chasing the pack last season, without him and his goals they would of finished mid table!
    Looking from the outside in, he is probably sick of being sold the same sh!te from Arsene and the board about building a squad to win trophies…and after being fed the same line for some years now decided to walk.
    I can understand his wanting to win trophies as he is a quality player, however, the cynic in me is thinking about the wage that he will receive on the back of his performances last season which may have swayed his decision to leave.
    As a season ticket holder of a premiership club I would too be annoyed if our big guns were sold, oh wait, yeah that has happened…just got to get on with it…I will be there on Saturday….will these guys that are burning the shirts?!

  3. Anonymous says:

    ‘Haven’t the first idea what they’re angry about’?!?!?

    What kind of moronic statement is that – I think they’re angry about losing our captain, talisman and one of the few remaining players at our club who supposedly prided themselves on being a gooner. Oh and he’s gone to one of our main rivals.

    Yeah, no idea what they’re angry about you cretin.

  4. Harry Catknapp says:

    Why not just peel the name and number off and keep the shirt! farkwits! haha

  5. TheBelgianBrady says:

    Easy way to avoid this idiotic posturing from happening again: never, ever buy a shirt with a player’s name on the back. Club always bigger than the player, and all that.

    Yeah it’s sad he’s gone, but get over it. We’ll find someone else to worship (and call ‘Judas Scum’ when he inevitably leaves us).

  6. Tom Addison says:

    If there’s anything I’ve learnt from the last year or two, it’s that Arsenal fans, whilst not the most precious (that title goes to the scousers), are certainly the most fickle.

  7. Allan says:

    Worst thing is, with the the Arsenal do business I wouldn’t be surprised if after the recent signings RVP said to Arsene ‘hey I like whats happening, seems this time you’ve kept to your word and your after a title. Thats all I wanted and Id love to stay…’ Then Arsene said ‘yea well there’s the thing they are your replacements and you’ve just been sold’.

    Personally I don’t know who to be more disapointed with, RVP or the club.

  8. zack says:

    Man united stopped being one of arsenals main rivals a long time ago. Or maybe thats the other way around.

    It happens at every club and will continue to happen. Its not nice but you don’t need to start waving your dirty tampons every time someone leaves.

  9. gwyndaf says:

    U can use smart and stereotypical words as much as you want in this artice, however the fact remains that robin van persie was injured for most of his arsenal career and was still paid wages, arsene stood by him and look what he does, if he was not injured for most of the seasons maybe we could have won something with an out and out striker the burning of the shirts gave me a sence of pride to be arsenal , no man is bigger than the club my thanks to all people who burnt their shirts, may robin van persie eat his own shit and die

  10. Yo! I'm Chris says:

    How can these assholes burn something with their teams badge on it? These asses are bad at life. GGMU

  11. Ben Johnston says:

    What a load of bitter wankers. They were absolutely delighted to take Sol Campbell off Spurs’ hands, but when it happens to them they are up in arms!

  12. Graham says:

    Man, I would 8-2 be Arsenal right now. I would definitely 1-2 be a United fan, especially with this signing.

  13. CrazySteve says:

    I like how Chris links his own article in this one like he can provide an expert opinion.

  14. nick says:

    For all the people saying RVP single handedly took Arsenal to third this year…

    FInal year of Henry, Adebayor, and now RVP, each had 30+ goal seasons because the TEAM fed them every single ball on every single attack. The focus was to find him and tap it in. How many of Adebayor’s and RVP’s goals were tap ins from the goal line?

    If you have 10 chances a game I would hope you score one. Arsene keeps these players coming through the assembly line. The player he looks for is someone with great positioning skills. The rest (goals) follows.

  15. MGJ says:

    Get off your high horse! It’s the only thing worth doing with that shirt other than wiping one’s arse with it.

  16. Les says:

    Arsenal fans aren’t angry that he left them. Theirry Henry left and is applauded back at any occasion whoever he plays for. what gets the fans is the fact that he spouted on about all this bullshit of wanting to win trophies with the club coz it wouldnt feel like his trohpy if it wasnt with arsenal. whats gets them is the fact that he chooses to leave not, for city or juventus but for arsenal’s second biggest rival. what gets them is the fact that after one good season he throws back in their faces all the loyalty of wenger who stuck by him through all the injuries and horse placenta and the patience of the fans. OH AND IF ALL THAT WASNT ENOUGH, he’s not even straight with us; him pretending that he would stay if wenger shows ambition etc- well how about signing two top class attackers (and girould who i know nothing about but seems to have done well in france) and then jumping ship the first chance he gets. Well we’ll see how much he likes actually having to work for a slot in the first team and being second fiddle to old shrek rooney.

  17. suliman says:

    To all the shirt burners out there U Fucking Twat, I love arsenal there the first ever football team that I got to watch on TV and in a stadium but you spent good money on that shirt, money you worked long and hard for to show your appreciation of a man that you where proud of saying this man represents my club. Don’t be pissed of just because he’s gone (that happens in every club everywhere and it will continue to happen) just be angry at the club and Arsene Wenger for letting it happen. Someone somewhere needs to explain to fans like you and me that it is worth going to the Emirates and spending money on tickets and shirts with names on them and that we ArsanelFC are still in the same level as City and United and not Everton or Newcastle and no offence to either clubs but with the way things are going I would rather have Allan Pardew or David Moyes beacouse both of them can seem to spend a small budget on Excellent players Pappise Cisse, Demba Ba, Coloccini,Ben Arfa, Cabaye and I swear they were in the championships 2 seasons ago and David Moyes bless him with no money at all gets the beast Jelavic, Darren Gibson, Steven Pienaar. Arsene Wenger is taking the piss if your angry don’t like these videos send complaints to the board and Stan Kroenke and all those other football hateing Mother fuckers and get them to explain to you fans what the hell is going on(if they where passionate they would have blown up that car taking Van Persie to Manchester Like 1 angry fan said in a video I would have rather sold him for 10million to Juventus then see him go there. Darkest Day in Are Footballing History and we weren’t even relegated.

  18. sami says:

    FROM Hero to Zero.i know he will be injured in their owen tranng pitch very soon

  19. DutchGuy says:

    Well, I can understand Robin that he finally would like to win a big price. Apparently he doesn’t want to leave the Premier League and then moving to United is like backstabbing. If he was just a little smarter and showed some respect, go abroad. Apparently these unwritten rules don’t exist anymore, also here in the Netherlands.

  20. Michiel says:

    Right. So you work for an employer. After 8 years of hard work you get the opportunity to work for a bigger company that pays you a better wage. Surely none of the Arsenal fans would ever even consider making that move. Pathetic. If it wasn’t for RvP Arsenal would have been fighting relegation last season. Remember Arsenal came back from an impossible 15th place last season? Mainly thanks to RvP. You call it backstabbing he left, I call it backstabbing you burn his shirt and blaim him for choosing another future. You should be ashamed of yourselves and wish that guy well!!

  21. DutchPLFan says:

    More money, more chance to win something…. I’d leave my company if another company offered me such a deal. Of course nobody at Arsenal would.

  22. John C says:

    It’s much better to learn to adapt… (warning contains a swear word)

  23. gza says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha glory man united

  24. Will L says:

    Yes but it wasn’t 8 Years of hard work, it was 8 years of half injured work, and the issue isn’t him moving its the way he did, just a year ago he was declaring how he would only want to win things with arsenal, then releases that statement and the patronising “you guys” bullshit, he was a legend in the making, he saw how Henry was welcomed back home, but now he’s hbfgoing to be getting the Nastier treatment, and thatsjust

  25. Gooner4Life says:

    Lets see these foreign fans come to Islington and do that stupidity….. You WOULD get battered if not killed,….

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