Leaked: New Bayern Munich Adidas Kits For 2010/11 Season?

Ollie Irish

21st, January 2010


By Ollie Irish


You’re looking at a leaked design sheet for Bayern Munich’s new Adidas kits for next season. Two words: tiny socks.

The home kit sees a switch to red-and-white vertical stripes – their home kit this season features an all-red shirt – whilst the away kit sees another change of colour scheme (I’ve lost count of the different away kits sported by Bayern), with horizontal white-and-sky blue stripes. The unnecessary third uniform is an all-black affair. Snooze.

Not the greatest image, I know, but the home kit looks nice enough, if rather generic (see Sunderland, Stoke, Atletico Madrid etc.). Quite why clubs need to change their team colours so often is obvious – ££££ – but also infuriating.

Source: FootballShirtCulture

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  1. Hirsty says:

    FIFA should step in and make it a rule that teams can only change their kits every 2 years. It’s just ridiculous now.

  2. Stefano says:

    Bayern will never play in this light-blue shirt, because these are the colours of local rival 1860 München. Must be a joke.

  3. Luigi says:

    Teams that change kit every year are not very nice 2 fans having to spend £40 every year on a new kit every one of the big clubs in Europe do it except arsenal and Liverpool

  4. Grouty says:

    All the Bundesliga clubs are reverting to retro kits as of season 2010/11. If you knew your history you would know that Bayern original strip WAS red and white stripes. As for the light blue 2nd strip, why wouldn’t Bayern wear that? It’s the colours of Bavaria!

  5. jake says:

    luigi. r u forgeting abwt man utd azwell

  6. James says:

    It looks more Silver than light blue now it’s been unveiled officially.

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