2010 World Cup Kits: Germany Adidas Black Away Kit Leaked (With Photo)

Ollie Irish

27th, January 2010


By Ollie Irish


“You know I said I’d kill you last? I lied.”

Here’s a first look at Germany’s new away kit, which they will wear at the 2010 World Cup this summer. Black, red and gold – that’s one kick-arsch colour combination.

As with Germany’s new home kit, this oozes class, proving once again that Adidas makes its best kits for its own country.

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  1. Isn’t that just Spain’s old kit?

  2. The Truth says:

    Some smug head on boulder brain ballack.

  3. Squelch says:

    How about a red captains armband featuring the Buddhist symbol for harmony?

  4. Delboy Dublin says:

    That’s very much like Liverpool’s away kit this season. Still, a rather sharp effort overall.

  5. Ollie says:

    Squelch, that is my comment of the year so far. You win.

  6. Dave says:

    Yep….thats neat.

  7. Quincy says:

    Like it big time.

  8. Quincy says:

    Looks a bit like the Liverpool away if I’m not mistaking.

  9. Hirsty says:

    It pains me to say but Germany will look pretty classy in South Africa.

  10. AP says:

    DAMN, those Germany kits are awesome as hell.

  11. homeboy says:

    well maybe Armani, Spain, Liverpool, Blacks, Panthers, Batman are also something like SS or Nazis? No worries the pundit who made up those comparisons stated later it´s only English humor.
    Thanks to this awsome Clown! What would be the world without your stunning (yawn) british brownish brains! Yeah just go ahead watch your nazi movies and be happy. It´s just about as importand as a fart in the wind. btw guess the jerseys look just awesome! Different to all the redwhite, bluewhite, grenwhite stuff on the pitches.

  12. Vesko says:

    Great kit. Like it way more than the previous ones. Squelch’s comment IS the greatest comment to ever appear on a newsboard though. No offence to Germany, just praising the humor.

  13. Ranter says:

    The problem is, with us brits, we’re obsessed with ‘the war’. People are continuing to confuse germans and nazi’s – the truth is, we always wheel out the ’66 team and let’s be honest, other than the 5-1 win which, all said and done, meant nothing in the grand scheme of things, what has the english football team accomplished against the germans since 66? ZERO. the new kit, both home and away, is pure class, but then that’s just typical of the germans, maybe we should follow their example and concentrate on our own ‘affairs’ (excuse the pun john terry)and drop the obsession with the germans – it’s time to move on.The kit is hot, hot, hot – medal for best dressed team in south africa me thinks.

  14. Hotshotz says:

    Ok Ranter, good point but we’re only talking about the kit here! Both home & away kits are fab, have you seen the video? SO effin cool. One thing that did cross my mind is that black shirts are not usually the best colour in hot, sunny climes though I doubt it’ll hamper the german’s quality football. Looking forward to the tournament starting!

  15. ranter says:

    the trouble with us brits is that we’re obsessed with ‘the war’ – we always wheel out the ’66 team as that’s england’s only glory in the world cup! The comments about the away kit are typical of british people, likening it to the nazi party – still people get confused between nazi’s and germans – big difference. The english need to drop the obsession with the germans and concentrate on their own affairs (excuse the pun j terry). Anyway, the kit, very classy – both kits, then Adidas have always been the best, umbro is so boring…the red armband idea is as lame as a three legged horse.

  16. skrewie says:

    Thought the black shirts were the British fascist led by Mosley in the 1930’s, and nothing to do with Germany, wasn’t that the brown shirts

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