Lookin’ Good Sweetheart: What The Hell Did Alan Hutton Wear At His Mallorca Unveiling?

Chris Wright

5th, February 2013


By Chris Wright

We’re a little tardy to the party with his one but, as if it wasn’t bizarre enough that Alan Hutton was signing with Real Mallorca in the first place, what in the name of sweet little baby Jesus was he wearing at his unveiling a couple of days ago?

Looks like some kind of vulcanized bomb disposal suit/flotation device, or possibly a next-gen post-surgery dog cone collar whatsamajig.

Also, check out the silky ball-work he displayed in front of the Spanish press hoards…

The finest Glasgow has to offer.

Incidentally, Hutton’s only been in Mallorca a few days and they’ve already sacked their coach, Joaquin Caparros.