These Are Lionel Messi’s New AdiZero F50 Boots, As Designed By Lionel Messi (Photos)

Chris Wright

22nd, February 2013


By Chris Wright

These ‘ere be Lionel Messi’s new adiZero F50 boots, as designed by the man himself (though we’re fairly sure he didn’t produce this sketch)…

The official line is that Messi ‘collaborated’ with Adidas throughout the design process, which basically translates as “he picked the colour because he likes red” but, as always with this kind of thing, the marketing guff that accompanies Messi’s new red pumps is absolutely glorious.

Try this on for size…

The design is intended to reflect Messi’s footballing philosophy. The boot colour scheme is a mix of red and white – red being Messi’s favourite colour and picked to represent the danger he poses on the pitch as well as his burning desire for the game.

The clean white frame of the boot symbolises lightness, with speed-inspired graphics demonstrating his pace.

A single red stud on the sole plate in amongst 10 white studs represents Messi alongside his teammates and how he sees himself as being only as strong as the team around him.


Nice boots, painfully grandiose bumph.


There’s also a dream-like ‘Messi Collection’ video to sit through if you’re not fit to burst quite yet. It’s a hefty 10 minutes long, but you can skip through the chapters using the number keys when prompted…

We like ’em. You?