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Top 10 Favourite Away Kits In Premier League History

By Chris Wright

As promised, hot on the heels of our Top XI Favourite Premier League Home Kits, comes its companion piece: Pies’ rundown of our ten – yes, we counted properly this time – favourite away kits to have graced the English top flight since 1992/93.


10. Tottenham, 1994/95: Here we see the lovely Miss Martina Navratilova modeling Spurs’ fantastic purple kit from 1994. What a glorious sight to behold.

9. Chelsea, 1994/96: You never thought you’d find yourself sympathising with Dennis Wise, did you? Sometimes you’ve just got to hold your hands up and say “That’s f**king terrible in every way Umbro, but I admire the strength of your conviction”.

8. Derby County, 2007/08: Sleek, razor sharp and with an air of ninja-like stealth about it. Therefore it had absolutely nothing in common with Derby’s 07/08 vintage, who set and still hold the record for the lowest points total ever accrued (11) since the introduction of the “3 points for a win” rule and equaled Loughborough’s 108-year-old record for going the length of a season and managing just one victory (against Newcastle, if you were wondering).

7. Newcastle United, 1996/97: A spiffing kit from back when, for some unbeknownst reason, Adidas thought the incredibly overstated V-neck was king. Bet that thing chaffed like a motherhumper.

6. Arsenal, 1995/96: The Gunners’ “blue lightning” kit regularly crops up on both “Best of…” and “Worst of…” lists when it comes to this kind of thing, but we happen to think it’s a beautiful example of the mid-90s “kitchen sink” kit design rationale actually working for once. We also conveniently choose to forget that it was very much a like-for-like rehash of the previous season’s change strip too.

5. Everton, 2012/13: As you’ve probably garnered by now, we’re stone cold suckers for plain black kits and Everton’s change strip last year was no exception. The big yellow features also gave it a bit of pizzazz.

4. Man City, 2009/2010: Technically, we think this may have been City’s third strip for that season (the away kit was black/dark blue with yellow flecks on the shoulders?), but it’s too bloody lovely to not include. Definitely one of our favourite kits of recent years. You just can’t beat a bit of sexy sash action!

3. Liverpool, 1995/96: You like quadrants? Oh, we got quadrants buddy boy! If memory serves, the particular shade of green used on Liverpool’s kit was “industrial petrol spillage”.

2. Blackburn Rovers, 1996/97: It’s a shame we couldn’t root out a better picture of this particular Rovers strip as it really was a ray of sunshine in a bleak, bleak world. Clashed with Colin Hendry’s proud mane of albino lion hair something fierce.

1. Nottingham Forest, 1993/95: Just look at it; so blue and turquoise-y and luscious. Mmmm mmmm. So it’s another Forest kit at No.1? So bloody what? It’s my list and I’ll do what I want!

Honourable mentions: Sheffield United 1993/95, Manchester United 1993/95, Arsenal 2011/12, etc, etc

Agree/disagree? Feel free to share your personal favourite Premier League away kits with us…

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By Chris on March 5th, 2013 in Featured, Kits & fashion, Newsnow, Retro, Top 10s & lists. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

21 Responses to “Top 10 Favourite Away Kits In Premier League History”

    • Chris says:

      @Simon; Undoubtedly a piece of art, but sadly not one of my favourites as it gave me an epileptic shock every time I looked at it.

  1. Heapsy says:

    What about Liverpools cream kit from 96-97?? How can you leave that out!

  2. gilbert says:

    on the same thinking as that umbro chelsea number i always quite liked uniteds ‘infamous’ grey kit. was that an umbro also?

  3. Martin says:

    man utd 01-02

  4. Herman says:

    The Newcastle 96/97 and the Forest 93-95 are absolute shit!!!

  5. Anonymouse says:

    I think this may have been a third kit (might need clarification on that) but still. The names running down the stripes was class.

  6. sleeba says:

    I didn’t realise that Rick Parfitt played for Man City?
    People still wear the tangerine/slate top down The Bridge…for a bet

  7. Bruno says:

    That Arsenal kit is class. Beautiful!

  8. Chris says:

    The tottenham and liverpool aways bring back great memories!!

    Personal fave was Arsenals 2004 yellow & midnight blue strip – classic. The adidas version in 93/94 was also a perler.

    The yellow and green Man Utd strip in the early 90s was also noteworthy. The quadrants!

  9. AuntieMay says:

    Arsenal’s 97-98 away kit really does it for me. And i hate yellow

  10. the karate suit says:

    THE BOLTON WANDERERS PURPLE VIMTO KIT!!! 1997 i think it was… a genius kit, a true one off with a massive reebok logo in the middle! Bolton kits were always unique due to Reebok being our sponsor AND our kit manufacturer

  11. Al says:

    next time should be top ten European kits, AC Milan away in the early 90’s was a belter but this little beauty from Napoli in 1991 is the greatest jersey ever designed, first I ever owned

  12. Bakes says:

    Love that Forest kit. The yellow was better though.

  13. B-Tep says:

    Everton’s pink away kit for me

  14. yoloswag420 says:

    liverpool 2009-2010 and 2011-2012 away were pretty spiffy if you ask me

  15. Tosser says:

    +1 for B-Tep. Pink Everton should be on here.

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