Shit Football Kits: Barcelona’s New Training Clobber Might Be Bloody Awful

Chris Wright

6th, April 2013


By Chris Wright

It’s not been confirmed, but Spanish paper Sport have gotten hold of the following samples and reckon they are the training kits that Barcelona will wear at Joan Gamper as of next season…

Apparently the kit features an aerial image of the district of Barcelona known as ‘Eixample’ (where the Sagrada Familia is) which, while a nice intention, doesn’t make it okay.

Anyone out there feeling this one?

(Image: Sport)

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  1. joe says:

    I’m beginning to think these Barca kits are one giant joke by Nike’s design department: “Let’s make the kits as eyeball-poppingly awful as we can and see if all the glory hunting wankers will still spend 70 quid on them regardless!” That’s the only reason I can think of for them producing something even uglier than the current ‘Ice lolly’ away kit…

  2. dc says:

    the blue/red one honestly isn’t that bad. the yellow one is pretty awful though

  3. minz says:

    Looks like someones turded all over those shirts. What are nike thinking?

  4. Haywired says:

    Yes, I thought it was some sort of dog-turd pattern…

  5. cow says:

    The yellow kit looks like an unfinished Temple Run level.

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