Cardiff City Fans To Vote For Colour Of New Shorts After Shunning ‘All Red But Slightly Different Red’ Design

By Chris Wright


Can you imagine? A football club had the temerity, the bare-faced gall to unveil the new home strip for their return to the top flight without consulting even one single fan?

That’s exactly the position many Cardiff City supporters have found themselves in today, with many revolting and expressing their ire online about the club’s proposed new home shorts, which aren’t quite the exact same shade of red as the shirt.

“Looks like the dye has run out of the shirt to match the shorts,” wrote one outraged Bluebirds fan on a Cardiff forums. “Seeing that kit has killed me, I can handle the red but two different colours – that’s wrong.”

Dude, why do you care so much about shorts?

Cardiff City’s board have quite rightly apologised (apologised!) for their oversight and have sought to offer an olive branch by opening the floor to their disillusioned fans, allowing them to vote for their choice of shorts to accompany the new home strip from a shortlist of four colour options – red, slightly different red, black or white – via a poll on their official website.

Up until the end of May, season ticket holders will be able to email the club to proffer forth their choice, with the winning colour then being passed on to kit suppliers Puma, who will put the new shorts into production post haste.

Like Everton being forced to ditch their new badge by fans firing petitions and merchandise boycott threats around, we always feel a little uncomfortable when football clubs kow-tow to tetchy supporters over things like this.

We know everyone’s entitled to a say, but if it continues down this road then soon clubs won’t be able to put fresh bog roll in the changing room toilets without having fans vote for 2 or 3-ply, white or peach, quilted or standard.

Jeeeeesus. Can everyone just lighten up a bit please?

(Image via Cardiff City FC)

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  1. Caleb says:

    Shame that they got rid of the blue kit.

    Also, these kits are vile, goodness me.

  2. Mokum says:

    Does it even matter at this point? The ownership shows they don’t give a damn by removing the club’s colours for the Asian market and these fans seem to have accepted that. Don’t think they have any leg to stand on now.

  3. JJ says:

    I think the kit is quit snazzy. Being the Capital of Wales, it’s great that it’s reppin’ the Red Dragon colour.I know BLUEbirds was the nickname (still is, not sure), but many teams have had complete kit changes – Palace, Leeds, etc

  4. Herman says:

    Kit number one looks fuckin horrible

  5. Eckpfosten says:

    Whooaa…they can choose the colour of the pants. This is the return of supporters power in Cardiff, amazing things happen, maybe they can vote for the eyecolour of the dragon or better the colour of the seatbottoms in the stadium…sigh…

  6. Tom says:

    You can have any colour you like as long as it’s red.

  7. Manolo Garnix says:

    Said it once, will say it again: You can’t change my teams colour. You can’t, you won’t survive it. Call me old fashioned but my teams colours and the crest are the last thing I believe in given these times of (even more) capitalism driven football. Cardiff is blue, they got their national team to rep the colour red. And to give me the chance to vote for the shorts to match the shirt that no one wants is just pathetic.

  8. Mr Sensible says:

    Nice to see they care that the fans are annoyed by the colour of the shorts, guess that makes up for changing the colour of the whole kit last season without giving a shit what they wanted then.

  9. quebec in your face says:

    To be fair, they are all bollocks apart from number 2. If I was forced to support a team wearing any of the other three options, I’d certainly voice my discontent.

  10. Milkchew says:

    To be honest this must be the straw that broke the camels back.

    Are Cardiff no the club where first the new Malaysian owner changed the colour of the kit from blue to red (Could not be anymore of a change) as red is a luck colour in the far East. Then he changes the badge from a Blue Bird to a Dragon, as you know, Asian`s love Dragons (And Godzilla). Any I heard hes gonna change the name from Cardiff City to Cardiff Dragons. He basically raping the club.

    Also, two shade kits are horrible, red and darker red ewwwww.

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