Nike FC247 Phone App Allows You To Summon Laserbeam 5-A-Side Pitch Wherever You Bloody Well Want One (Video)

Chris Wright

26th, June 2013

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By Chris Wright

Today’s pretty amazing-yet-slightly silly technology round-up features the new “FC247” app from Nike which allows you to request a laser-equipped van to turn up at your beck and call and project a neon green laser 5-a-side pitch wherever you bloody well want it to!

You’ll still need to provide your own teammates, ball and goals, but the FC247 van will gladly roll up and zap the laser pitch onto the suitably flat urban space of your choosing at any hour of the night – hence the whole 24/7 thing…

Very cool, though we can’t see it taking off (FC247 has currently only been tested in six Madrid neighbourhoods) and we imagine it ain’t exactly cheap. Whatever happened to jumpers for goalposts, eh?

(Via Design Boom)

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1 Comment

  1. Joe says:

    If I have to provide the ball, players, and goal, then all I really need is a can of spray paint for the lines. Besides this is street ball, out of bounds is the building and behind the goals.
    Nice, but useless technology Nike.

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