Full Kit W*nker: Arsenal Fan Gets Married In Full Football Strip With Shinpads And Boots (Photos)

Chris Wright

19th, January 2016



Photo: Bizzo Musicmad/Facebook

An Arsenal fan has shot to minor internet stardom this morning after photos of his wedding day did the social media rounds earlier.

Eschewing the traditional top and tails, groom Barry Jenkins decided to pay homage to his beloved football club by getting married in a full Arsenal home kit, complete with shinpads and football boots – but only after seeking his bride’s permission.

“My wife is from Woking, and she is awesome,” he wrote after posting his wedding photos on Facebook.

“She let me get married in my full Arsenal kit! Maybe I just got lucky.

“It’s like I won the FA Cup and found the best woman in the world ever.”

The big day itself was actually back in March of last year, but strangely it’s taken this long for them to reach a wider audience.


Photo: Bizzo Musicmad/Facebook