Michael Owen signs to Pro Evolution Soccer 8


23rd, July 2007


74266993.jpgKonami has announced it has secured the services of Michael Owen, who will now appear on the packaging of Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 (I am, although as an Xbox owner I was very, very disappointed with the latest Pro Evo; hopefully the new one will be a lot better).
Owen joins winger Cristiano Ronaldo, who will also appear on the cover.
‘PES 2008 is a fantastic game, and the only choice for pro players,’ said Little Mickey (as he read from a prepared press release in a stilted fashion). He continued: ‘It enjoys a brilliant reputation within many, many players and manages to be a true simulation of football while also being a real laugh to play.’
PES 2008 will be released for PS3, PS2, PSP, Xbox 360, PC and DS this autumn. Can’t wait – please Konami, get it right this time… [Story via Digital Spy]

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  1. Kipp says:

    If you got the 360 version you have every right to be upset but us loyal ps2 owners know that pes6 was another brilliant evolution in football gaming

  2. Ollie, Pies Ed. says:

    I know Kipp! I’ve played it on PS2 at a mate’s house and it’s brilliant. Xbox version was cack though.

  3. daf says:

    I own both the PS2 and Xbox360 versions, the 360 one left out a ton of stuff, it was a growing pains/get this out the door release. Reading about the next version got me all excited again, it’s going to put back all the features they left out.
    However xbox live play is still pretty fun.

  4. Chringle says:

    I think the PS2 version was pretty flawed aswell. I have gotten through three controllers after smashing them up in sheer frustration. The scripting of the games and the crap through balls just fucked me off so much it was unreal.

  5. Taquito says:

    I bought the xbox360 one as soon as it came out, 2 days later i traded it in for another game, it was horrible and a huge dissapointment, i hope this one is waaaaaaaaaaay better!

  6. Kipp says:

    i haveto agre with chringle, the scripting annoys the bollox off of me, managed to get norn ireland to the brink of world cup qualification despite the portuguese and french in my group only for aaron hughes to volley it into my net, may have found it funny later but nearly destroyed my house at the time…
    we should make a petition to remove the scripting!

  7. Chringle says:

    I will stand along side you till the end Kipp!

  8. nicko says:

    its never going to hold a candle to fifa on the xbox im affraid

  9. 4L0M says:

    I did the same as Chringle…..I traded the 360 version in the day after i bought it and picked up the ps2 version….It was miles better. The 360 version was so badly coded it was unreal, and the constant frame rate slow down was a piss take…..

  10. Sartre says:

    lol, i pity those who play pes6 on the xbox. no L2 or R2 buttons muahaha. its way sweeter on the ps2. can’t wait for the newest konami release!

  11. BILL CLINTON says:


  12. Drumstyx says:

    Pro ev games will all be better than the fifa ones because you get a more realistic game of footy. Fifa is for the morons who think cos they have the official clubs its better…yes…morons

  13. bob says:

    fuckkkk manz il kick all u cunts on this game
    im to fkn good serz ppl these games are so easiii make it harder

  14. paul says:

    pro evo is miles better than fifa no contest

  15. christian says:

    pro is betea den fifa by miles but pro need to have more skills in da game if u kno wat i mean kar we need to bust out more skills mannnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!! lmao fuck u bludzzzzzzzzzz

  16. christian says:

    pro is betea den fifa by miles but pro need to have more skills in da game if u kno wat i mean kar we need to bust out more skills mannnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!! lmao fuck u bludzzzzzzzzzz